Everybody loves to pick up a puppy whenever they get the chance. They look so cute, just like a stuffed toy. But most people don’t know how to pick up a dog correctly. Picking dogs up in the wrong way can make your dog uncomfortable and cause some serious injury. Keep that in your mind, they are delicate in a certain way, and you need to be very careful while picking them up. Ideally, let them walk by your side. Only lift them if necessary, or you eagerly want to hold them under your arms. If you want to know the techniques to pick up a dog, continue reading.

Prepare Yourself for Lift Him Up 

Every person has a weight lifting ability. If you are not confident enough to lift your big dog, don’t take a risk. Your dog may struggle a bit if he feels uncomfortable. Think about the safety of your pet first. 

Another best way to protect their fragile bones is to sit down or bend your knees to their level and pick them up. That makes them feel secure. 

Pick up Your Dog

1. Small Dogs:

If you have a small dog, you must be extra careful while picking him up. His body would be very delicate; he might fear to lift. It might be his first attempt at picking up, so you need to make them comfortable and give them a positive experience. If you have a smaller breed dog, picking up would be the necessity of their lives. So you must learn how to pick them up carefully. 

To Pick up a Small Breed of Dog: 

Put your hand under the middle of the chest, then your fingers facing the head, and the chest area fills in your palm. Give them support with your body; this makes them feel secure that they won’t fall. Their spine is a delicate part of their body, so keep that straight.

To Pick up Small Dogs: Put one hand under your dog’s chest between the front legs and then put the other hand between the back legs from behind. When you may lift them hold them against your body for better support. 

2. Large Dogs:-

Dogs over 30 pounds get help from others as well. Bend on your knees. One person would be at the front of the dog with one arm under the neck and the other under the chest. The other person would put a hand under the belly and bring their other hand underneath the rump. Both should lift at the same time. 

Things You Need to Avoid

  • Don’t pick your dogs up by the front legs like a baby; it can put stress on their ligaments. 
  • Don’t lean over the dog while lifting them; that can frighten them up.
  • Don’t pick your dog when he is playing or wiggling. That would make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Puppies don’t like surprises, so prepare them before lifting them. Picking them too quickly can make them panic and fall.
  • Never pick up your puppies by the collar or tail. It can create broken bones or might get afraid of humans.