Many people are anxious to get their dogs outside on hot summer days and some love to go out on beaches and play outdoors with dogs. It can be a great time for fun games with our pets. But the increasing temperature can also risk our dog’s life. There is a huge possibility of heatstroke, skin infections, or ear infections. Yes, your dogs do need cool during summers as they can be dehydrated if you don’t take care of them.

If you are wondering how to keep your dog cool in summer when it’s hot outside. How to help keep your dog comfortable and prevent heatstroke then we’ve got ten tips for you. We are here to help your dog to live a healthier and happier life. Here are some cool tips to keep your dog safe from the summer heat.

Tips for keeping your dog cool in summers:-

1. Always provide water and shade for your dog:- The possibility of dehydration is common in dogs during hot summer days. So always provide enough water for them so they can keep themselves hydrated. 

  • Make them sit under the shade of trees or cover them with a piece of cloth or towel whenever they go outside. The signs include bright red or dry gums, panting, wobbly legs, and drooling a lot.
  •  Whenever you are going outside with your dogs, keep a water bottle for them as well just like you keep for yourself. 
  • Give foods that can help to keep them cool and hydrated like watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin, etc. 
  • Keep their water bowl under shade, to keep the water cool and avoid burning their tongue from overheated water in the bowl.


    2. Prefer going outside during cool hours:- In summers, prefer going outside either in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid harsh sun rays. Go outside when the sun is about to rise or set, these are the times when the sun is least harsh. 

  • Make sure to walk on grass or the lay having shade of trees. 
  • When you are playing with your dog in the backyard, stand under the shadow of trees after some interval and keep water with yourself to keep your dog hydrated.

    3. Never leave your dog in the car:- Most dogs enjoy riding in the cars and always love to go outside with their owners wherever they go. But keeping them in the car can cause heatstroke. Some pet owners leave their pets inside the car, thinking it’s not a big deal to keep them inside the car for 1 or 2 minutes. But it can make them uncomfortable and can lead to heatstroke. This is even illegal in some countries. 

    4. Never forget to apply sunscreens:- You may feel shocked after knowing this but applying sunscreen on your pet is as important as for you, especially for those with short or thin-haired dogs. Just like people, dogs can get sunburn or skin cancer. So apply sunscreen every 3-4 hours to keep them safe from sun rays. 

  • Always use sunscreens only made for pets. 
  • Apply on the least haired area like ears, nose, belly, and even on the feet.

    5. Don’t shave your dog:-
    some people may think shaving is a solution for their dogs to beat summers. They might feel hot because of their fur. But no, it’s not like that; shaving is not good for your dog during summer days. Hair helps to protect your dogs from sunburn and overheating. The coat of dogs is originally meant to keep them cool during summers and warm during winters.   

  • You can trim the hair of dogs with long furry hair and can irritate them to keep falling on their nose, eyes, or ears.  
  • You can take them to a professional grooming session.
  • Shaving them can leave their coat naked and more prone to sunburn.

    6. Give them cool treats:- Giving your dogs cool treats in summer is as helpful as giving them healthy food. You can give them treats that can help to keep them hydrated and cool like watermelons, cucumbers, ice cubes of their favorite drinks, and pumpkins. 

  • Avoid giving them ice creams in summers, as dairy products can make their stomach upset. So avoid giving dairy products to them.

    7.  Make them walk on cool surfaces:-
    Dog’s paw may get hot or cool from the bottom. So make them walk on cool surfaces like grass or lay under trees. Hot surfaces like cement, metal, and asphalt get hotter a lot. So make them not walk over these surfaces.

  • The signs of paw burning include licking paws, redness under paw, limping, or avoiding walking.


    8. Protect them from parasites:- It’s quite common to get parasites on your dogs, playing in mud or in long grass can lead to this problem in dogs. These parasites remain in their hair and suck the blood which can make them lazy and detached from doing normal activities. So, it’s very important to provide proper relief from fleas and ticks. Consult your vet in this regard and make your dog free from these blood-sucking ticks.

  • You can use bug repellent to prevent annoying fleas and mosquitoes.

    9. Take them to pools or beaches:-
    Dogs love to play around water in summers so take them to pools or beaches. This can make them feel happier and can also help to beat the heat. Keep in your mind, not every dog is a good swimmer. Dogs who may know how to swim, might not know how to get out of the pool. 

  • If you are taking them to the pool or beach, make sure they wear a life jacket to avoid any accident they might get. 
  • Always keep your eyes on them when they are inside the water.

    10. Avoid taking them to crowded places:-
    Although dogs love to go out of the house. But in summers it’s better to take them outside in the least amount. Avoid taking them to the shopping, festival, or even market where there would be a huge crowd and noises. This can make them uncomfortable, tired, and can lead to anxiety and stress. So avoid taking them out for a while or even in summers.