Having a dog is one of the most beautiful things you will ever experience. But the responsibilities that follow not always make life easy. Owning a dog comes with a lot of challenges and liabilities. One of the major ones is training your dog on how to do his poop business. It might seem to be a difficult task to train your pooch to poop, but trust me it is not. Once you know the right way, it will be a cakewalk for both of you.

You must start by scheduling a fixed time that suits you and your dog. Once that is done, select a command word that is uncommon in your household. This way your dog will make a strong connection to that word and understand the link between the word and the expected action to be done. If you want more extensive training, select different words for peeing and pooping.

You must also decide on a place where your dog will finish his business. Don’t forget to carry a leash, dog collar, and lots of patience. The most famous and easy method is the reward-based initiative.


These Steps to follow explained well below:

    • When your dog does its business at the right place, reward him. Over time, it will relate to this as an achievement and will know it will be rewarded. Finally, your dog will develop this habit of holding on to his bowel movement until its time.
    • Identify the time when your pooch needs to pee or poop, for example, after a long sleep, or just after eating, etc. Try to train him to do its business then.
    • Dogs get distracted easily. Make sure you take your furry friend out with a collared leash directly to the toilet spot and let them complete their task first. Let it sniff and don’t distract. If the dog takes some time., let it. Please be patient and praise it once the task is done.
    • Once the dog gets used to having a treat after doing its toilet business, start adding command words in between. This will act as a label to the action and the reward that follows.
    • After the dog starts recognizing the command, try practicing it just before it starts toileting. This will help him to learn the association of the command with the action.

Now that you know how to train your dog for toileting on command, you must also know what no to do. Few major points you must keep in mind are:

    • Don’t drag your pooch indoors right after he completes his task. This will keep it from exploring and sniffing things outside and might also stop from completing its business early. Instead, let it wander for a while after he completes his task. You can even play fetch games for fun.
    • One needs a lot of patience to train a dog. Emptying one’s bladder is a natural process and it can take a while. While your pet is sniffing to find the right place to let go, make sure you don’t distract it by shouting or harshly pulling the leash. Let it take its time.
    • Imagine a small child visiting your place and accidentally uses the word potty, the same as the command for your dog. Don’t punish it for squatting on your lush green lawn. Just be proud of the right training and shower your pooch with praises and treats.
    • Don’t praise your canine companion too early. This may cause excitement of receiving a treat or playing a fun game and they might just forget why they came out in the first place. 

Remember patience is the key. If you train your dog right, it will eventually benefit in the longer run. Just don’t give up on them. They are family after all!