Training is one of the most crucial early activities that a pet should get irrespective of its age or breed. Learning basic commands and canine etiquette is not only important as a disciplinary measure but also strengthens the bond between a dog and its owner.

As the Covid wave has put a halt on the regular training methods of young canines, new measures have been taken to offer necessary distant education to make dogs a better companion to humans.

Taking aid from the latest technology, trainers have now shifted their training sessions from green fields to high-speed Zoom calls. Some trainers have also assured they will continue classes on video calls even after the pandemic is over.

With the new changes in our lifestyle, the problems with dogs were also different. Some of them were pissed off by nuisance barking, while the others were complaining about their dog jumping on notebooks and running away with stationery.

So if you are planning to get a virtual dog trainer over a video call, here are a few points you must keep in mind of what to expect and how to handle situations.

    • Expectations from an Online Trainer – When you first interact with the trainer, tell them why you need this class. Specify what are the bad habits you want them to rectify. Some transparency and discussion will help the instructor gain some insight into the areas where your pooch needs to improve. They will plan the class accordingly.
    • Computer Placement – Placing your smartphone or laptop at a comfortable height is preferred during a video call. Some people place their devices where they could show the instructor what they are doing. Ideally, it is not the right way. Use a laptop stand or tripod. This way the instructor will be able to observe the dogs in a better way and nobody will have to compromise with their postures.
    • No Distraction for Dogs – Make sure there are no distractions for you or your pooch during the training session. The best part is that your dog is not distracted by other canines. Also, the surrounding is familiar enough for the dog to get distracted. However, there are other distractions like food, toys, and even people. Pick a room where your pooch will not get distracted easily and focus on its lessons.
    • Benefit from Technology – Technology is so advanced these, a simple smartphone with a good internet connection is enough to take virtual classes. If your pooch misbehaves, take your phone with you to show the instructor what kind of challenges you are facing. This way the instructors can easily rectify your pooch’s behavior.
    • Sincerity with Assignments – Make sure you complete all the assignments given by the instructor. The assignments will help your pooch understand how it is going to implement its knowledge in real life. It also builds up a solid relationship between you and your furry companion. If you take the tasks seriously, the dog will learn things faster and will have more trust in you.

Now that you are ready to take the virtual training, make sure you are focused and distraction-free. Here is a checklist for you to get ready for the session:-

  1. Get a separate room for training.
  2. Make sure you have a timer, leash, and treat in the room. Ask the instructor if you need anything else.
  3. Only focus on one or two things at a time
  4. Record your session.
  5. Keep the charger of your device nearby.
  6. Make sure your dog has done toileting before the training
  7. Write notes. Improve with each session.

 Despite all the odds, training your pooch virtually is an initiative to make sure it gets the essential education it needs. Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from making your pooch more confident and versatile!