Many pet owners choose to groom their dogs themselves, it saves your time and energy. If you are the one who will prefer grooming dogs professionally; select your professional groomer carefully. There should be a proper environment for your dog and they should take care of your dog very well. Your dog should feel comfortable at its place and focus on its safety as well. It takes a lot of patience and courage to groom a dog, as the behavior of dogs does vary. So what facilities do professionals provide to you? 

Things to do by professional groomers:

In Professional grooming, they will offer you brushing, bathing, trimming, and drying processes. They will use clean and sanitized brushes, blades, and clippers. They provide a proper hygienic environment to the dogs. 

  • Firstly they brush out the coats, remove notes or tangles in long furry dogs.
  • Then they give baths to dogs and they use dog shampoo. They wash their ears carefully, to avoid water getting inside the ears.
  • They dry the coat with the dogs’ blow dryer. These blow dryers have a minimum heat temperature that isn’t harsh to them. 
  • Then they cut their hair, nails, or shave them if needed. They cut the nails in a proper shape, as they can scratch with their nails. 
  • Professional groomers cut the hair around the eyes and ears in some fluffy long-haired dogs or where it was needed. They trim the hair on the tail to give a proper shape. 
  • They also brush their teeth with a toothpaste specially meant for dogs. Regular brushing of their teeth should be done at home.  
  • They have specific tools and equipment that are meant for dog grooming and can give dogs a specific grooming session that is specific for their breeds. They take care of any skin infections and allergies and groom them accordingly. 

You don’t need to worry about anything in professional grooming. But selecting your dog groomer is the trickiest part. 

There are some pet owners who really don’t prefer professional grooming for their dogs. They do that at home. So, what do you prefer, do it professionally or do it by yourself?

If you want to save your money, why don’t you just try to groom your dog at home by yourself?

How to groom your dog at home?

Step 1. Always start the grooming process with eyes, ears, and teeth: It could be a good practice to keep them properly clean. 

  • Clean their ears. However, they don’t need their ears cleaned regularly but they do need a regular checkup. So keep monitoring your ears weekly. You can use an ear cleaning solution to get the dirty wax out of their ear.  
  • Plaque and bad breath are usually built if you don’t brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Use a dog’s toothpaste to clean their teeth. 

Step 2. Brush your dog: Daily bathing is not good but brushing your dog thrice a week to maintain their good hygiene. Brushing your dog before the bath will remove the dirt present in their coats and will also remove the loose dead tangled and matted hair. 

  • Start brushing your dog from their head down to their body but you have to be careful while brushing the sensitive areas like the belly part and the abdomen area. In the case of a long-haired dog, this will take time, so be patient with your dog. 
  • You are going to need a good quality brush or comb for this.

Step 3. Warm bath: Put your dog in lukewarm water and wash him with an antibacterial dog shampoo. Dilute it and then lather it on your dog. Rinse off all the shampoo. Wrap in a towel to dry them off. You can use a blow dryer if your dog has long hair.

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  • Once your dog is completely dry take him to a place where it is easy for you to clean up all the haircut mess. 
  • Tie your dog with a rope to a place. Take a brush, comb, scissors, and an electric clipper.
  • Comb their hair and start with a clipper on their body. Shave the area around the neck and slowly move down their body. Move down in the direction of hair growth. Otherwise, you can make ugly lines on their coats. 
  • With scissors, start with the legs and paws. Comb the area first and then start to trim the extra hair. 
  • Then move to the neck, ear, and face, again comb and cut the hair in small strokes. Cut their eyebrows carefully as your dog can shake or wiggle during the process.
  • Brush their tail hair to detangle all the tangled hair then cut the hair up to your desired length.  

Step 4. Clipping their nails: while clipping their nails you have to be extra careful if you cut the nail too deep, it will start bleeding. It isn’t hard to do it by yourself. We advise you to be patient with your dogs as you are going home.

Top five supplies for basic dog grooming: 

  • Brushes: Brushing is important to your dogs as it helps to distribute the oils all over your dog’s coat. It stimulates blood circulation and nourishes the hair. So choose the right and best quality brush for your dogs according to their breed and coat. A wrong quality brush can irritate your dog’s skin, cause hair fall, or other skin infections. Check the specific type of brush that suits your dog’s breed.
  • Shampoo: Dogs love to play in the mud and they don’t mind getting dirty or stinky. Now, it’s up to you how you clean them properly. Sometimes it could be a task for you to bathe your dogs. But it’s also important to use good quality shampoo for your pet. There are shampoos specially formulated for dogs that are free from chemicals and only contain plant-based ingredients. These shampoos are not harsh for your dog’s hair and don’t cause any skin irritation. So it’s totally a valuable product to get for your pet. 
  • Scissors or Hair Trimmers: Get the best quality scissors for your dogs, trimming is the important step of grooming. So invest in a thin cutting shear for precise cuttings around ears, eyes, feet, and tail area. The same goes for electric clippers as well, a good quality clipper will help you to trim a dense mat of coat or it will be handy for big furry dogs. 
  • Nail Clipper: Cutting your dog’s nails can also be a tricky task to do. Your dog might not be used to getting their nails cut so you have to be a little more careful with them. They might move or disturb you a lot while cutting their nails. It’s better to invest in a good-quality nail clipper. So, you might not hurt your dog.
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste: We have discussed earlier the importance of brushing a dog’s teeth. To overcome dental decay in dogs, it’s quite valuable to use both the toothbrush and toothpaste which are specifically meant for dogs. Dog’s toothbrushes are designed in a certain way that helps to get inside their mouth properly and has an angled neck with a long handle. Whereas toothpaste has all the ingredients that are not harmful to dogs, and some flavored toothpaste is also available in the market for the dog who doesn’t like brushing.