Are you trying hard to make your dog listen to your commands? Does he always disrespect your order? Or, already fed up with his unacceptable behavior? Well, in that case, your dog definitely needs some training sessions. The cranky or mischief of dogs is the result of wrong training. 

The bad behavior of dogs can lead them to some heartbreaking consequences like if the dog ran on a busy road and did not respond to your command, what would you do in that situation.  

Though every dog has some exceptional intelligence, as a dog owner, you must bring out that skilled behavior with proper training or activities to make their brain sharp and active. Yes, their behavior lies in how you train them. 

Mental activities open up their brain and make them sharp to learn new things quickly. Frequently introducing them to new tasks keep them busy and more attentive like never before. It will wash out their bad behavior, make them more responsive and intelligent. 

Here comes the question, how would you bring out your dog’s intelligence and get rid of their unacceptable behaviors?

Well, for that, you must go through this blog to know the answer to these questions. We will unravel some simple tips that help your dog become more active and intelligent.

1. Brain Training For Dogs

Brain training for dogs is an onboard process that super-effectively influences the function of a dog’s brain. For that, you can use various brain-related exercises or games. Consider using puzzle food gear, which is excellent to make them attentive and a better way to solve the puzzle and get the treat as a reward. 

Another way is to train them at home through training books or by watching online videos. It is the best way to enhance their attention. You can join these training courses where you will be free to take advantage of the professional trainers.

They will assist you with easy-to-grasp instructions, share videos, games, activities, and teach you to understand the behavior of your beloved dog. 

Brain training is a powerful way to make your dog well-behaved, obedient, and intelligent. They help your dog to eliminate their bad behavior, bring out hidden intelligence, and make them obey your command. 

There are over 21 games that will help your dog to release natural intelligence. The program carries an extensive collection of functions, training levels, and behavioral issues, which we have divided into the following stages: 

  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • High School
  • College
  • University
  • Graduation
  • Einstein

These steps make this program easy to understand and follow. The basic concept of this program is to create a bond with your furry companion that helps to fix the bad behavior. 

2. Why it is Important to Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated 

How many times you have seen your dog lie down lazy and seem uninterested to even wake up for once. Our dogs readily get bored or destructed if not get enough to play, adventure, or someone to play around with him. It is a common nature of any dog. If they do not offer something adventurous or to keep their mind busy, they become idle in that case. 

Hence, boredom and idle nature are the most familiar reasons behind their bad behavior. Dogs who spend most of their time alone and eagerly waiting for their owners to come back home are prone to distortion of their brains. 

3. Dogs Are Born to Be Active

Dogs come under various groups according to their universal nature and task. For instance, the hound famous for tracking their prey with their sniffing power, the retriever is known to hunt down fly birds, the herders known to herd cows and sheep, the guardian intended to guard farm animals against predators, and many more. Hundreds of dog breeds are invented due to crossing between two or multiple breeds and forming a new breed according to their conveniences. 

Now people like to take them in their home as loyal companions, not for hunting or guarding purposes. That means they live in adverse conditions, where they do not hunt the prey or herd sheep. They just lay down on a bed or hover around their owners. They do not have much to do all day at home. This adverse condition makes them lazy and drains down their energy for a bad. It leads to destruction and unacceptable behaviors, like barking continuously, chewing, and digging.

4. Exercise And Mental Stimulation Are The Basic Need of Dogs

What will you do when you observe the boredom in your dog? Intend to take him to the exercise! Right? But mental stimulation is equally effective as exercise. Although, the inactive brain needs a kick start with some mental activities.

These dogs are not live in their habitual environment and do not hunt in the forests or fields. So, they don’t require to access their brain to plan and strike on prey. Hence, they need some mental activities, puzzles, or dog feeder toys to solve to sharpen their brain and make them active. 

Hide & Seek is one of the best games for engaging their mind in the game and eliminating boredom. It is the best way to train their brain and encourage them to do fun activities.

5. How Urban Life of Dogs Affect Them

When dogs lived in the forests, their lifestyle was completely different; so was their diet. They were supposed to do what they were experts to do. Some dogs were good at hunting birds while others at dear, rabbits, or even rats. 

Some dogs are good at herding, and others are good for protecting people and animals. Their shifting to the domestic environment has changed their personality. Now, they sniff around their owners for each bite of food. It is heartbreaking that they could not eat to the fullest.

What Can You Do For Them?

Invest some time in your dogs, organize training programs, organize adventure trips, play mental stimulation games, and do regular exercises to encourage them to engage their mind in these activities.  

We would recommend this Brain Training Course which assists you with simple step-by-step instructions, videos, exercises, activities, and games to bring out the hidden intelligence of your dog. This course contains 21 fun games that you can play with your furry friend. These games are excellent to keep them active and improve their intelligence. 

Think about your dog; they need your help. Boredom and frustration are not great for you and your dog. Both of these not only affect dogs’ behavior but also affect health.