Most people would rather skip giving a bath to their dog or their dog might not want to take a bath. Does your dog enjoy bathing? Well, bathing plays an important role in the health of your dog’s skin, helps to keep your dog hygienic, and removes dirt and parasites. It’s crucial to make your dog feel more pleasant around the water.

Some dogs love to be around water and some might be afraid of water. So it’s important to train your dog at a small age, how to enjoy bathing. That would be easier for you to keep your dog clean and germ-free. Bathing your dog may not be as easy as it could be. You can experience some problems while bathing your dog. In this article, we will discuss everything about a dog’s bath.

Tips to bathe your dogs:

Bathing is important for your dog, but not all dogs must be given an equal frequency of bath because of some factors like their breed, environment, or their health issues. Once you have decided, how frequently your dog will take a bath then make it hustle-free, more pleasant for your dogs. Dogs don’t need a daily bath but keep it regular for the health of your dog. If you have any doubt about bathing your dog, consult your veterinarian. He will advise you how much bathing is appropriate for your dog. Here are some tips for bathing your dogs:

  • Firstly, make your dog feel comfortable around the water by playing with him. Massage or brush your dog’s coat for a while, so he will feel comfortable. When you feel he is enjoying the water then turn on the water. This will make his experience positive towards bathing. Next time, he won’t be feeling uncomfortable, and it will be quite easy for you to handle him.
  • Bathing dogs once a month works wonders for most dogs. 
  • Dogs having thick and oily coats, must have taken a bath once every week.
  • Dogs with small hair with smooth coats don’t need more frequent baths. They keep themselves clean and hence, don’t need a bath.
  • Dogs with water-repellent coats must be bathed less, to preserve the natural oil on their coat.
  • If your dog loves to puddle in mud, or go into pools for swimming then give them their extra playtime. Dogs know how to take care of themselves naturally. If they feel like playing around with water then they will do that on their own. Avoid bathing your dogs more often as that may remove their natural oil and make their skin dry, frizzy, and maybe more prone to dandruff. 
  • Use lukewarm water, make your dog comfortable while taking a bath.  
  • Some shampoos may also not be good for a dog’s skin and can cause skin itching, dryness and can also lead to hair fall issues. To avoid that choose your dog’s shampoo carefully. It’s suggested to use dog shampoo.
  • You need to be very careful not to put water into his ears while bathing. It can make them uncomfortable and can actually cause health problems. You can put cotton balls into his ears to avoid water getting inside the ears. If he might not let you do it then you need to be careful on your own.
  • Rinse your dog properly, any leftover soap or shampoo can irritate your dog’s skin after drying. Rinse your dog completely.
  • Towel dry your dog then use the dog’s blow-dryer which is meant for them. The lower temperature does not irritate or dry their skin.
  • The best way to give a bath to your dog when he actually wants it.

Where to give a bath to your dog?  

For that, you may need to determine which area or place can be utilized to give a bath to your dog. You need to consider your dog’s size and breed to ensure that you have enough space or whether you need to bathe your dog indoors or outdoor. A sink can be used for small puppies and for large breed dogs, a bathtub can be used. The best place for your dogs to take bath would be the place they might want to take it.