Exercise is not just something that keeps a body fit. It has a positive impact on the attitude, mood, and mental health as well. The same works for your canine companions. Many people think exercise just helps dogs overcome their unfit states such as obesity and other health issues. But it is important to understand that a regular workout regime is necessary to keep them in shape, focused, and happy!

Does your dog annoy you with a regular howling, grumpy attitude, and destroy things to grab your attention? The truth is if your pooches don’t get enough exercise they tend to get dull and destructive. Some people even give away their pets due to such an uncanny shift in their behavior without understanding the reason behind it. So if you ever encounter this case, remember it is time to channel your dog’s energy and push them towards a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure you take out ample time for your dog and keep them fit – physically and mentally!

What Amount of Exercise is Best for Your Dog?

Each breed has a different set of physical needs. A poodle may not need as much activity as a rottweiler. Some need heavy muscular workouts while other breeds may stay fit by just playing fetch. You need to understand the dog’s workout requirements first.

How to Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise?

Daily walks on a leash around the neighborhood is important but not enough. All dogs need at least half an hour of physical activity daily. Follow these tips to keep your pooches healthy:

  • Active breeds should do rigorous aerobics at least 4 times a week. Remember, tired dogs are the happiest!
  • Every dog needs outdoor activity, be it a great Dane or any toy breed. Home workouts may not be enough but one also cannot look down upon its importance.
  • Avoid workouts in extreme weather conditions. Home workouts may come in handy then.
  • Mental stimulation is important for your dog. Teach them tricks. Play with them. Make exercising fun.
  • Dogs enjoy the familiarity of place and love marking their territories. However, changing trails every now and then gives them the thrill to explore keeping your walks exciting and fun.
  • If you can’t take out time for your dog’s exercise, register them for a daycare center. Make sure they come back home tired and happy!
  • Make your dogs work for their treats. Ask them to do tricks or fetch a ball for you. They should know the treats are to be earned.
  • Challenge them. Create an exercise trail for them to hunt down their favorite toy and reward them at the end. Make sure it’s surprising every time.

Why is Exercise important?

Without exercise, the body gets dull and so does the mind. An inactive dog is prone to not just physical problems but mental traumas as well. One of the main setbacks of irregular or no workout is obesity and that alone opens doors for many severe health issues and orthopedic problems like arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Diabetes, blood pressure, heart born diseases, and respiratory issues are some of the major pressing points that can be easily avoided by regular exercise and a disciplined lifestyle.

A little time and dedication can increase your dog’s lifespan by years. Head towards a healthier life. Fix a special routine with your furry friend and achieve fitness goals together!