One of the most well-liked dog breeds globally, especially in India, is the German Shepherd. They are widely sought-after as household pets and working dogs due to their intelligence, devotion, and adaptability. It will be crucial to be aware of the German Shepherd’s price range, as well as its qualities and unique traits, if you are thinking about purchasing one in India. This article will discuss the cost of German Shepherds in India, some of their distinguishing characteristics, and why people adore them as friends.

Alsatians, another name for German Shepherds, are working canines with German heritage. They were primarily created to herd sheep, but they quickly became known for their wit, devotion, and adaptability. German Shepherds are distinguished by their distinctive appearance, which includes a powerful, muscular body, upright ears, and a thick double coat.

German Shepherd History

End of the 19th century saw the development of the German Shepherd dog breed. Max von Stephanitz, a German cavalry officer, developed the breed in an effort to produce a versatile and clever working dog that could do a range of jobs. To establish the German Shepherd, he carefully bred a variety of sheepdogs and farm dogs. The German Shepherd Dog Association recognised the breed as a distinct entity in 1899.

German Shepherd Characteristics

German Shepherds are renowned for their exceptional traits. Some key characteristics of German Shepherds include:

  • High intelligence and trainability
  • Strong protective instinct
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Courage and loyalty
  • Versatility in various roles

Specialties of German Shepherds

German Shepherds excel in various domains due to their unique specialties, including:

  • Police and military work
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Assistance and therapy dogs
  • Guide dogs for the visually impaired
  • Competitive dog sports, such as obedience and agility

Training and Exercise Requirements

German Shepherds are highly trainable but require consistent and structured training. They thrive in environments that challenge their mental and physical abilities. Regular exercises, such as daily walks and engaging play sessions, are essential to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

Health and Care

German Shepherds are generally healthy dogs but are prone to certain health issues. Common health concerns in the breed include hip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and digestive problems. Regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, and exercise, are crucial for their well-being.

German Shepherds as Family Pets

German Shepherds can make excellent family pets. They are fiercely loyal, protective, and affectionate towards their families. They can be gentle and patient with children and pets with proper socialization and training. However, their size and energy level requires a dedicated owner who can provide them with mental and physical stimulation.

German Shepherds as Working Dogs

German Shepherds’ exceptional working abilities make them popular for various roles. They have a natural drive to work and are often employed in police and military tasks, such as tracking, search and rescue, and narcotics detection. Their intelligence and versatility also make them suitable for service and therapy work.

German Shepherd Price in India

In India, the cost of a German Shepherd might differ based on the area, the breeder, and the canine’s quality. An adult or a German Shepherd puppy typically costs between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 30,000. German Shepherds with great genes that are show-quality or purebred might cost up to Rs. 100,000 or more.

The whole cost of pet ownership, which includes expenses for food, medical attention, and training, can occasionally exceed the price of the dog itself. Additionally, it is usually advisable to get a German Shepherd from a respectable breeder who employs moral breeding practises and can provide information on the dog’s health and temperament.

German Shepherd Price in Different Cities in India

The cost of German Shepherds varies greatly between Indian cities due to various variables. Below, we’ve included the cities in India and the factors that influence German Shepherd prices.

Price of a German Shepherd in Delhi

Prices for German Shepherds in Delhi range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 70,000. Due to the scarcity of these dog breeds in Delhi, prices may be higher than in other Indian cities.

Price of a German Shepherd in Hyderabad

Due to their widespread availability and good transportation options, German Shepherds cost between Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 40,000 in Hyderabad.

Price of a German Shepherd in Bangalore

German Shepherd costs between Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 36,000 in Bangalore. Since there is a limited demand for these dogs in Bangalore, it is easier to find them there and the cost is lower than in other places.

Price of a German Shepherd in Kerala

In Kerala, the cost of a German Shepherd ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 90,000. Because dogs are so expensive in Kerala, the city’s transit options are limited compared to other cities.

Price of German Shepherds in Chennai

The German Shepherd Price in Chennai is between Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 95,000 and they are readily available as we all know that Chennai has a lot of resources.

Price of a German Shepherd in Kolkata

German Shepherd prices in Kolkata can range from Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 57,000, and because of the city’s resources, they are widely accessible.

Pune German Shepherd Price

Prices for German Shepherds in Pune range from Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 91,000. Pune charges more for shepherds than other Indian cities.

Price of a German Shepherd in Mumbai

Given the high demand for pets and other animals in Mumbai, the German Shepherd Price in Mumbai ranges from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 90,000.

German Shepherd Price in Delhi₹10,000 to ₹70,000
German Shepherd Puppy Price in Delhi ₹12,000 to ₹68,000
German Shepherd Price in Hyderabad₹18,000 to ₹40,000
German Shepherd Price in Bangalore₹16,000 to ₹36,000
German Shepherd Price in Kerala₹10,000 to ₹90,000
German Shepherd Price Chennai₹28,000 to ₹95,000
German Shepherd Price in Kolkata₹22,000 to ₹57,000
German Shepherd Price Pune₹24,000 to ₹91,000
German Shepherd Puppy Price in Pune₹14,000 to ₹36,000
German Shepherd Puppy Price in Kerala₹8,000 to ₹45,000
German Shepherd Puppy Price in Hyderabad₹30,000 to ₹95,000
German Shepherd Price in Mumbai₹35,000 to ₹90,000
German Shepherd Puppy Price in Bangalore ₹36,000 to ₹60,000
German Shepherd Price Dehradun₹9,000 to ₹75,000
German Shepherd Price in Lucknow₹20,000 to ₹55,000
German Shepherd Price in Punjab₹20,000 to ₹35,000
German Shepherd Puppy Price in Chennai₹36,000 to ₹60,000
German Shepherd Puppy Price in Lucknow₹20,000 to ₹40,000
German Shepherd Price in Maharashtra₹20,000 to ₹70,000
German Shepherd Puppy Price in Maharashtra₹15,000 to ₹40,000
German Shepherd Puppy Price in Punjab₹25,000 to ₹45,000
German Shepherd Puppy Price in Tamilnadu₹8,000 to ₹20,000

Factors Affecting the Price

Several factors determine the price of a German Shepherd puppy in India. These include:

Reputation of the Breeder: A German Shepherd from a respected breeder who uses ethical breeding methods will often cost much more than a German Shepherd from a less reputable breeder.

Pedigree: German with an impressive and respectable pedigree As breeders typically charge extra for dogs with documented pedigrees of robust and healthy dogs, his Shepherd may be more expensive.

Coat Types: German Shepherds with particular coat types, like long coats or black and tan, may cost more money.

Location: Depending on where you live, German Shepherd prices vary. Due to their great demand, German Shepherds may cost more in some locations while costing less in others.

Ages: Due to their high demand, German Shepherd puppies are typically more expensive than adult dogs.

Training and Socialisation: German Shepherds that have undergone intensive training and socialisation may cost more than those who have not since they are more desirable to potential owners.

Health and Wellness: German Shepherds that have undergone testing and been deemed healthy may cost more than those who have not.

German Shepherd Puppy Price

The typical cost of a dog in India can be between 10,000 to 30,000 Rupees, with premium canines costing as much as 100,000 Rupees or more. It’s crucial to buy from a reputable breeder and consider the ongoing costs of pet keeping.

German Shepherd Price in the USA

A German Shepherd puppy can cost anywhere between $500 and $2,000 on average, while the typical cost of purebred or show-quality dogs with excellent pedigree can reach upwards of $7,000 or more. 

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German Shepherd Price By Colors

White German Shepherd Price in India    

Depending on the puppy’s age, pedigree, and location, the cost of a White German Shepherd puppy in India can range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000. German Shepherds in white are typically more expensive than in other colors due to their uncommon coloration.

Black German Shepherd in India

In India, the cost of a Black German Shepherd puppy can range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000, depending on the puppy’s age, lineage, and region. Black German Shepherds are relatively widespread and, as a result, are typically less expensive than German Shepherds of other colors.

Blue German Shepherd Price in India

Major kennel associations, including the American Kennel Club and the Kennel Club (UK), do not recognize the blue German Shepherd breed or color variant of the German Shepherd breed. Black and tan, ebony, and black are acceptable colors for the German Shepherd. However, blue is not one of them. However, the blue German Shepherd cost went from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Brown German Shepherd Price in India 

A brown German Shepherd puppy’s cost may differ based on the dog’s age, lineage, and location, among other factors. The typical price range for a German Shepherd puppy is between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 30,000, but this might vary according to the abovementioned criteria. Even though brown is a common color for German Shepherds, its low degree of demand means it is unlikely to affect the puppy’s price.

Grey German Shepherd Price in India 

The price of a grey German Shepherd puppy can range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000. However, prices may change according to the particular characteristics stated above. Even though grey is a well-known German Shepherd color, its lack of popularity is unlikely to affect the puppy’s cost.

German Sherpherd

Additional Cost of German Shepherd in India

German Shepherd Maintenance Cost

The cost of caring for a German Shepherd can change depending on a number of variables, including its location, food quality, demand for grooming, and veterinary treatment. The following are some approximate costs for owning a German Shepherd in India:

Feeding Cost of German Shepherd

A German shepherd needs a nutritious diet of the highest calibre. Depending on the quality and brand, dog food can cost anywhere from Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 5,000 per month on average.

Grooming Cost

To keep their coats healthy and tidy, German Shepherds need frequent grooming. This entails giving them a minimum of two weekly coat brushes, sporadic baths, and periodic nail cutting. The price range for professional grooming services is between Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 3,000 per session.

Veterinarian Cost

A German Shepherd’s health depends on receiving regular immunisations and checkups from the doctor. Veterinary care can be expensive or inexpensive, depending on the region and the kind of services needed. The annual cost of routine veterinary care might range from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000. The price can go up, though, if the dog needs any specialised care or operations.

Training Cost

German Shepherds are bright dogs that need the right kind of instruction to become obedient pets. For a basic obedience course, professional training might cost somewhere between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 25,000.

Finding a Reputable Breeder

When considering getting a German Shepherd puppy, it is crucial to find a reputable breeder. A responsible breeder will prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs, perform health checks, and offer proper socialization. Research and visit multiple breeders to ensure you find a reliable source that prioritizes the breed’s standards and ethics.

Adopting a German Shepherd in India

Another option is adopting a German Shepherd from a rescue or adoption center. Many German Shepherds need loving homes, and adoption provides a rewarding experience while giving a deserving dog a second chance. Contact local shelters or breed-specific rescue organizations to explore adoption opportunities.

Tips for Caring for a German Shepherd

To ensure the well-being of your German Shepherd, follow these essential care tips:

  • Provide a nutritious diet suitable for their age and activity level.
  • Regularly groom their coat and trim their nails.
  • Engage them in physical and mental exercises.
  • Attend obedience training and socialization classes.
  • Schedule regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations.
  • Offer a safe and comfortable living environment.


German Shepherds are extraordinary canines renowned for their wits, devotion, and adaptability. Understanding the German Shepherd’s price range, attributes, and unique qualities is crucial if you’re thinking about purchasing one in India. Remember to select a reputable breeder or think about adoption to make sure you can give these amazing animals a loving and appropriate home.


Do German Shepherds Get Along Well With Kids? 

If properly socialised and trained, German Shepherds are wonderful playmates for kids. To ensure that the dog and the kids get along, though, oversight and direction are required.

What Is The Lifespan of German Shepherds? 

German Shepherds live between 9 and 13 years on average. A longer and healthier life can be achieved by proper maintenance, a healthy diet, frequent exercise, and veterinary checkups.

How Much Exercise Do German Shepherds Need? 

Yes, German Shepherds need frequent exercise to keep healthy and mentally stimulated. They are an active breed. They need regular walks, games, and training sessions to stay healthy.

How Well-Suited Are German Shepherds To Apartment Life? 

Despite their adaptability, German Shepherds prefer surroundings with lots of room to walk around. To give them enough exercise and cerebral stimulation when they live in an apartment, more effort is needed.

Do German Shepherds Typically Have Any Health Problems? 

German Shepherds are prone to a number of health conditions, such as degenerative myelopathy, hip and elbow dysplasia, and digestive disorders. A healthy lifestyle and routine veterinary care can help manage these hazards.