Are you fond of Teacup Pomeranian? Are you planning to adopt this cute little teacup-sized dog companion? Well, there are many teacup dogs in the world and are popular due to their distinctive and adorable features. Teacup Pomeranian are one of them. These dogs have increased their popularity among dog owners and breeders. A small cup-sized dog that can fit in the palm of your hand. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Teacup Pomeranian.

They are cute, fluffy, almost like teddy bear dogs. Their size is too small that they can fit inside a teacup, that’s the reason we call them Teacup dogs. They are called by various names such as Mini Pomeranian, Toy Poms, Miniature Pomeranian, Teddy Bear Pomeranian, etc. These dogs are just like purebred Pomeranian dogs with smaller versions of size and weight. 

So, they are not a different breed of Poms. Their temperament and personality are just like Pom’s breed. These dogs have some controversies that revolve around their health issues and breeding practices performed to develop these teacup dogs. But that doesn’t make them less popular than standard Pomeranian. They are much more famous than any other dog breed.


Like any other dog breed, Teacup Poms have a long and interesting history. Many people are confused that Pomerania (a place in northern Poland and Germany) is the place where Pomeranian originated. But actually, these dogs originated from the Arctic region where they are bred as sled dogs. They got the name “Pomeranian” because the place where they were first raised as a household pet was “Pomerania”.

Spitz or Wolfspitz dogs were their ancestors. After their discovery in the 18th century, this breed became popular among Royal families. Queen Victoria, Queen Charlotte, Josephine Beauharnais, and Maria Antoinette were some royal names who owned this breed. After that, the obsession for this breed had increased day by day. 

Pomeranian were registered in American Kennel Club in 1888 but Teacup Pomeranian is not a recognized breed standard. The breeders were striving for even smaller dog sizes and this demand had resulted in the Teacup Pomeranian. 

Temperament of Teacup Pomeranian

Pomeranian are small, especially teacups. But they usually think of being larger than they actually are. You must keep your eyes on them when they are interacting with other dogs, especially bigger dogs. They don’t have any idea how small they are and can sometimes try to chase other dogs. They don’t really know that they can’t win against them. 

These miniatures are playful, active, and smart. These feisty dogs tend to bark a lot whenever they sense something strange. This makes them excellent guard dogs. They are very attentive and fierce to respond. They can let you know that there is someone outside the house even before ringing the bell. They are loyal towards their owner and jealous of people who come closer to them. To overcome this habit, you need to socialize with people and other canine companions at an early age.  

These dogs are big attention seekers, they become sad if they don’t get love and care from their owner. With a little bit of training, this toy dog can be a smart and alert companion who can keep you entertained and laughed at.


Size and Appearance 

Characteristics of Teacup Pomeranian:-

Height: 6-7 inches 

Weight: Less than 3 pounds 

Group: Toy or Miniature

Coat Type: Double Coat

Coat Length: Long Coat

Colors: Black, Merle, Chocolate, Cream, Orange, Sable, Red, White, Wolf Sable, Beaver, Lavender, Brindle.

Hair: Long and Silky Fur

Life Span:12-16 Years

As you can see above in the table, the weight of Teacup Pomeranian is anywhere below 3 pounds. That’s too tiny, these dogs are made for the company purpose. You can take these teacup dogs anywhere with you. For people who stay alone and want a cute companion pet, this dog is excellent for that.

They have a thick double coat with various colors and long fur. They have a dark brown nose and almond-shaped eyes. These dogs are very delicate and flimsy. You must be extra careful while picking it up. They have a fluffy coat, toy appearance, and tiny face frame which are enough to have your heart.

Exercise and Training:

These miniatures are apartment-friendly dogs who tend to move in the living area or from one room to another. An excellent companion for city people as they can live in small quarters where there is no backyard available for them to play. Although they do require exercise.  

They enjoy going out for walks and playing with loved ones. They can’t survive in hot climate areas as they are sensitive to heat. It is recommended not to keep them everywhere for shopping or outings, especially in the summers.

They can find many tasks to do at home, from picking things here and there, playing with toys, or walking behind their favorite ones. But still, you need to give them plenty of tasks to do, to stimulate their mental and physical strength. Exercise is the best way to do that. And you can train them with basic training commands like come, go, sit, stand, etc. They love to do new tasks which are short and fun to do. 

Patience and a positive attitude are the only tricks to train them. You can give them some treats while training just to get much better results. But never make them addicted to treats. They can be stubborn or childish at some point if not getting the required environment. Hence, they can be very difficult to handle in that situation. 


This is a very important point to consider before adopting a Teacup Pomeranian. They are much prone to health issues due to their uncommon size. These are very sensitive and delicate dogs. These health problems result from their unethical breeding practices to achieve the small possible size of dogs. 

Some common issues are Skin irritation, Heart Problems, Patellar Dislocation, Dental issues, Allergies, Epilepsy, Eye infections, collapsed trachea, and even death. If you adopt this dog from a reputable breeder, you must ask them for a health certificate of your dog. This can further help you to reduce these risks. 

Teacup Pomeranian are also prone to sudden death due to trauma. Any harsh, rough, or accidental handling can be dangerous for these dogs. So you need to be extra careful while playing with them. Accidental sitting, stepping on them, or accidental dropping is enough to take them to death.


These small dogs eat very little. They eat ¼ and ½ cups of high-quality food daily. The amount of food depends on their size, as the amount could be less for baby teacup dogs. You must give this quantity of food in a day so you can divide it into 3 or 2 meals and then give them accordingly. But don’t graze them throughout the day. Overeating can lead to intestinal obstruction in their little stomach. 

Make sure to cut their food into tiny little pieces as they have very small jaws so they can’t open them wide to eat bigger pieces. Give them food that is specifically made for these miniatures. You need to extra care about their diet as they are quite small and their digestive system too. They can’t digest food with high cholesterol, fats. You can ask a vet about their diet. 


These dogs have fox-like faces with big fluffy hair all over their body. It is delightful to look at their adorableness but yes they need a bit of maintenance. To keep their fluffy coats neat and shiny, it is necessary to brush their coats, at least once a day. This will prevent dirt and matting on the hair. Brushing promotes blood circulation and keeps the skin healthy. Use dog shampoo for their coat to prevent shedding. 

You can cut their hair at home, thanks to their small size. You don’t need to put extra effort into cutting their hair off. If you want you can take them to a professional groomer to groom them. 

You need to brush their teeth once a week, to prevent dental problems. Small dogs are more susceptible to dental health. Use dog toothpaste to brush their teeth. You also need to trim their nails for their health. 

Teacup Pomeranian Breeder

The most important step to adopt any dog breed is to find a well-reputed breeder who can give you a good quality purebred dog. Finding a reputed breeder is a big task because you can’t trust any breeder blindly. A breeder who gives you true knowledge about the breed like their characteristics, quality, age, and gives you dog’s health certificate would be the good one to adopt this Teacup Pom.  

Make sure to visit their litter and see the dog first because many breeders claim that they have the smallest size dog. Never purchase this dog from puppy mills or farms. They are illegal due to their inhuman practices and the dogs from these farms are unhealthy too. 

Prices Of Teacup Pomeranian In Different Countries

The price of Teacup Pomeranian may vary due to some factors like age, size, color, location, breed type, and dog breeders.  

USA Between $1000-$6500
CANADA Between $1000-$6000
INDIA Between ₨50,000-₨60,000
AUSTRALIA Between $500-$5500
UK Between £1000-£5000