Peanut butter is quite tempting to eat; you can’t resist yourself to eat this nutty-flavored delicious food. Just like us, dogs love to eat peanut butter. Some dog owners give their dogs peanut butter as a treat that makes their dogs more curious to have some more. Your dog may have licked peanut butter from your kitchen counter or, you offered him. In either case, this tempting food can be harmful to your dogs. How? Well, we will discuss that in this article. 

Is peanut butter safe for dogs?

The short answer to this question is YES but in small proportion. Peanut has an immense source of protein and provides healthy fat, Vitamin B3, B6, & E to your dogs. Your dog can enjoy the benefits of peanuts, but the excess can be dangerous and toxic. You should avoid giving salted or flavored peanut butter. You should also check the label if any harmful ingredients are present. 

For example, xylitol- an artificial sweetener, can be toxic for dogs. Some food companies use xylitol in peanut butter. It can cause hypoglycemia or heart disease in dogs which are fatal for them. It’s a fat-rich food, so consuming it in large quantities can cause obesity in dogs. But still, if you want to feed your dog peanut butter, then make sure that it doesn’t contain xylitol. Some peanut butter brands add salt and sodium ingredients to preserve it for a long time, but all these can be fatal for dogs.

How can you feed peanut butter to dogs?

You can give peanut butter in a small amount. As you may already know that peanut butter is rich in fat and proteins; giving it in large quantities to your dogs can be dangerous for them. It may lead to obesity and other complications like pancreatitis in puppies. The best thing you can do for your dog is concern a vet for their diet. Your dog may have diabetes or food sensitivity for peanuts, so in that case, it’s mandatory to concern a vet.

Peanut butter is full of calories, and an overweight dog shouldn’t have it. Only a vet doctor can help you with that. Anything excess is dangerous for the health of your dog. Give peanut butter in moderation, so it wouldn’t be as harmful as it can be. Give them homemade or organic peanut butter as it doesn’t have any added preservatives, sweeteners, or additives.

Some harmful effects of peanut butter in dogs:-

Xylitol poisoning: 

Peanut butter is safe, but some can be deadly. Peanut butter brands started adding xylitol, which is toxic for dogs. Xylitol is often present in sugar-free products, like toothpaste, chewing gum, breath mints, chewable vitamin tablets, and baked food products. It is safe for humans but harmful for dogs. The rapid release of insulin in the blood ultimately decreases blood sugar levels. This condition is called hypoglycemia. It can be lethal if not treated well. The symptom can be seen quickly after consuming xylitol. 

This type of poisoning product is dangerous for dogs. Read the labeling of the ingredients. If it contains xylitol, then avoid giving it to your dog. If you accidentally feed peanut butter xylitol, call your vet immediately. You must take away all xylitol-containing products from your dogs.

Allergic reactions: 

Allergic reactions are not only conserved to humans. Dogs can be allergic to peanuts as well. Some symptoms in allergic dogs are breathing issues, cough, skin swelling, vomiting, and skin itching. It can either be mild or severe in some cases. You should contact your vet doctor if you have seen any of these symptoms.