We all love light snacks for munching and a guilty pleasure for most people. Similarly, dogs also love to have snacks, chips, or pretzels. If your dog finds a bag of pretzels, he will dive into those snacks. 

Pretzels are hard, crunchy, and salted snacks that come in small or larger sizes. Everything we eat cannot be given to your dogs, and not necessary to feed them daily. 

However, it is nearly impossible to resist offering some treats from our eating table. Their cute innocent faces are enough to melt our hearts.

But do you ever wonder whether these pretzels are safe for your pup or not? Can dogs have pretzels or not?

Keep on reading! We will discuss how good or bad snacks like pretzels are for dogs.

Are Pretzels Good for Dogs?

Not really. Since pretzels contain some compounds that are not good for dogs, it is best to avoid feeding them to dogs.

Some pet owners may think this is a tasty snack, but the pooches have very little nutrition.  

Dogs don’t behave the same as humans in terms of how they digest food.

We are often intrigued by their helpless eyes and end up feeding them the things we eat usually. It’s easy to forget that dogs can’t digest and eat as much as humans.

In general, the more plain the pretzel is, the better for your dog’s health. However, you are reducing the risk to your dog’s health and not adding any nutritional value.

Pretzels are safe for dogs if they do not contain any garlic, onion, chocolate, or nutmeg coating to add flavors.  

Any flavorful Pretzels should not be given to dogs. You can put the health of your Dog at risk due to high salt, additives, or carbs.  

1. Sodium: Pretzels contain a high amount of sodium which can lead to boost thirst, dehydration, urination, and even renal or heart disease. They don’t eat them in excess; they may show signs of salt poisoning like vomiting and discomfort.

2. Carbohydrates – Pretzels are also high in carbohydrates. This can cause dogs to gain weight and increase their blood sugar levels. Dogs who eat too many pretzels may become obese.

3. Flavorings: Pretzels with flavors like yogurt, garlic, onion, or artificial sweeteners like xylitol (Cause of liver failure in dogs), which are harmful to dogs and will upset your dog’s stomach and can lead to liver failure. 

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Are Pretzels Bad For Dogs

Salt is a common ingredient in both hard and soft pretzels. Salty snacks can be toxic for dogs, so limit how much you give your dog.

Remember: A 33-pound dog should have 100 mg of salt daily. This is very minimal so keep your eyes on your dog’s food.

Although a few pretzel bites won’t cause them any harm, eating too many salty foods can.

How Pretzels Affect Your Dog?

Food with high salt causes salt poisoning in dogs. Salt enters the bloodstream and causes hypernatremia. In this condition, muscles lose moisture, shrink, and become stiff, which results in shaking.

Symptoms of Sodium Salt Poisoning in Dogs:

The most severe symptoms of salt poisoning are coma, convulsion, dizziness, etc. Sodium chloride dries out the cells by releasing water from the cells. 

The water released from the cells dilutes the salt in the bloodstream, and the cells shrink. Hence, dogs usually drink a lot of water after having salted food.

Dehydration triggers more severe health issues like fainting, dizziness, confusion, a fast heartbeat, and breathing difficulty. 

So if you suspect your dog has eaten pretzels, immediately call your veterinarian.

These are the symptoms that you can consider after having pretzels in excess-

  • Vomiting
  • Walking Uncomfortably
  • Watery Diarrhea
  • Lack of Energy
  • Seizures
  • Increased Heartbeat
  • Convulsions

How Many Pretzels Can Your Dog Eat?

Responsible dog owners should not give their dogs any sort of pretzels. Healthy treats that are low in salt and high in nutritional value must have given to your dog. You can feed your dog pretzels by breaking up two to three pretzel sticks. Always remember the amount should be less. The best kind of pretzel for dogs is a hard one. Softer pretzels can be too chewy and potentially harm their health. To ensure that your dog is healthy, monitor its digestion.  

What to Do if Your Dogs Eat Pretzels?

There are many reasons your dog may eat pretzels, including a large, spilled bag of snacks left on the floor or a generous amount of soft-baked treats given to you by a relative at a family picnic.

If you are in these situations, talk to your vet and get advice.

Your dog might need to be seen by a veterinarian for treatment or a check-up. You may need to keep an eye on your dog to monitor any changes.  

It is also beneficial to consult a vet if your dog has had a lot of pretzels, especially puppies and young dogs.  

The salt in pretzels can have some very unpleasant side effects if they are all consumed at once.  

These symptoms are not limited to vomiting or stomach pains. Your dog could also feel constantly thirsty or dizzy.  

If your symptoms continue, your vet may want to see your dog. Your dog may be fine and dandy, but you shouldn’t make it a routine to eat or steal pretzels and have pretzels in excess.  

Why do You need To Limit Your Dog’s Salt Intake?

The primary reason why not give your dog pretzels, whether the classic American pretzels or the smaller baked ones is the risk to his life due to the high salt content.  

The 100 grams of pretzels contain 1,266 mg sodium, close to half of the daily sodium(2,300 mg) intake. The 1-ounce of hard pretzel holds 380 mg of sodium. Just think, if your canine eats them in bulk, they will consume a high amount of sodium at once. 

That is an enormous amount of salt to you, but your pet might tolerate lesser. The amount of salt a dog will consume depends on its weight. However, a dog with 33 pounds should not consume over 100 milligrams of salt daily.

What Happens if Dogs Have Pretzels?

If your dog steals even a pretzel biscuit or a portion from the American pretzel, they will be thirsty due to a large amount of salt in the snack, but it is not much more.

But if they manage to steal more, they are liable to be ill-affected by sodium. 

It could cause severe neurological problems due to the dehydration of brain cells. They need to take to a doctor immediately to receive the proper treatment.

What Amount of Salt is Considered Safe for Dogs?

The amount of salt a dog can tolerate depends on its size and breed. However, dogs should not consume more than 0.25 mg of salt for each pound of body weight.

If your pet consumes approximately 1.5 mg/pound, it could cause enough toxicity to kill them if left untreated.

You should not add salt to your pet’s food while cooking. You might enjoy the salt in your meal, but dogs would not feel the same. It is a useless ingredient to cook with for puppies.

What All Can You Do At Home to Treat Salt Poisoning?

  • Give them plenty of water and observe them. 
  • They might need to use the bathroom more frequently than usual.
  • Observe your dog if there are any signs of salt poisoning or if he is well or sick. He may look fine, but observe him for at least 24 hours after having pretzels.
  • If your dog might eat just a few pretzel snacks, you probably won’t see any adverse reactions.


Are Pretzels Safe for Dogs? 

The answer is a little complex; there is no exact yes or no. But it is not a great idea to feed your dog salty foods like salty snacks, chips, or pretzels. Foods high in salt can harm your dog and make them highly thirsty. 

Salty foods can lead to sodium ion poisoning. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, depression, seizures, and high temperature, which may lead to death.  

However, eating unflavored plain pretzels once in a while would not hurt your pup. Try to keep them away from an entire packet of it. 

Excessive pretzels can harm their digestive tract, which works differently than humans. 

Can Dogs Eat Pretzel Bread

The general rule is that dogs shouldn’t take bread for a meal. Many carbohydrates can adversely impact their blood sugar control and may result in obesity. It can increase the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues.
The amount of sugar and salt in pretzel bread can vary from one brand to the next. It’s best to stay clear of it to the greatest extent possible.

Can Dogs Eat Gluten-Free Pretzels

Pretzels made of gluten-free ingredients are the same for dogs as wheat flour.

There’s still too much salt for your pet. The ingredients in these pretzels are potato starch, corn starch, and tapioca starch. None of them are beneficial to your pet whatsoever.

Your dog is unlikely to suffer any adverse effects from it, but plain pretzels are not healthy for your dog pet.

Can Dogs Eat Pretzel Chips

What about pretzel chips? Can dogs have pretzels chips?

The dogs shouldn’t be eating these, also. The problem with the chips is that as they’re so thin, they’re easy to eat in excess at one go. A serving of Pretzel Crisps is 43 chips with more than 490 grams of sodium contained in it! It’s a popular snack for humans. Excessive amounts of salt can cause harm to your dog’s digestive system.

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter Pretzels

Although peanut butter is safe to eat by dogs, they aren’t an excellent idea.

Three times your dog’s daily intake of sodium in only 11 pieces. Do not let your dogs have pretzels coated with peanut butter. 

Can Dogs Eat Pretzel Sticks

Dogs should not overindulge with pretzels. In just 23 pretzels, there’s more than twice the daily dose of sodium.
If you can restrict it to a couple of pretzels, your pup can be able to eat them once the course.

Can Dogs Eat Hard Pretzels

If you can restrict the amount of pre-cut pretzels your pup consumes, it is safe for them to eat just a few bites.
The best option is to keep hard pretzels out of the reach of your pets. They might contain too much salt in them. So it is better to avoid the risk of any health issue your puppy might get from hard pretzels. 

Can Dogs Eat Soft Pretzels

Soft pretzels are as secure as cornbread. It is okay to offer your pet soft pretzels on rare occasions but don’t include them in their regular diet. Soft pretzels aren’t the most delicious pet treats and aren’t healthy snacks. However, they are suitable for pets.

Can Dogs Eat Unsalted Pretzels?

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels Without Salt? Well, the answer would be “NO”! Dogs couldn’t eat unsalted ones either because pretzels are also high in carbs and sugar. High-carb foods promote weight gain in dogs, which leads to other health issues like heart disease, kidney failure, and diabetes.

When a pretzel contains no salt and any other ingredients that could be toxic, like garlic, onion, or chocolate, the pretzel is not an immediate risk for your pet.

If you want to pamper your furry friend, you are better off giving them a dog treat made specifically for their needs.


Overall, Pretzels tend to harm your beloved dog. As a responsible dog owner, you should avoid giving any kind of pretzels to your canine buddy. They will thank you later. There are so many food items available with an abundance of nutritional values in them. Try to feed them despite these can be lethal to your dog. One or two chunks are enough to give them as a treat once in a blue moon, but excess can harm your dog.