Some fruits are great for your dogs, while some can be dangerous for them. The most frequent questions people ask about dogs are related to the kinds of foods dogs can and can’t eat. The citrusy and fresh flavor of orange can intrigue dogs to eat as well. Our dogs always want to grab human foods and try them at least once. This habit of theirs may make you wonder if this food is good for them or not. Here on this page, we’ll discuss everything about oranges, whether or not they are safe for dogs or you should give oranges to your dogs. 

Is it safe for dogs to feed oranges?

Yes, oranges are safe for dogs; the fleshy part can offer a treat to them. Oranges are a good source of Vitamin C that helps to boost the immune system. They also contain potassium and fibers in small proportions. We can include tangerines and clementines in this citrus group as well. However, dogs make Vitamin C in their body and don’t need it externally.  

Complications of oranges for dogs:

While they are not toxic to dogs, unlike other fruits, say, grapes and cherries. But, you must feed them in a moderate amount. Why? Well, these oranges contain high sugar volumes and can potentially cause some major stomach issues for your dogs.

Gastrointestinal upset can happen if your pet eats too many oranges. The citric acid in oranges is not a usual concern for dogs; it may lead to obesity and other health issues if you feed them too many oranges. 

Peel the oranges and remove all the seeds whenever you feed them oranges. Orange peels are not toxic but are hard to digest and can lead to obstruction and choking in the digestive tract. The oils in the peel can also incorporate into the gastrointestinal upset and can lead to vomiting and dehydration.

So, to summarize, yes, dogs can eat oranges as long as it’s in moderation. Limiting their treat intake will prevent intestinal upset and obesity. 


  • If you want to feed oranges to your canine companion, it is essential that you only give them as a treat and not as part of their daily diet. 
  • If your dog accidentally eats too many oranges in one sitting, monitor them carefully for any changes in their behavior appetite. It is just as a precaution, so you will know whether to call your vet or not, as it’s best to consult your vet first before you get your dog oranges or any food for the first time.
  • It is always better to see if your dog has allergies or any previous food sensitivities before introducing them to a new food.
  • Oranges are harmful to those already suffering from obesity, diabetes, or digestive health issues. 

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