If your dog shoots you those puppy-dog eyes when you are eating a snack it could be hard to tell them ‘no’ but there’s a snack in particular that you should never share with your dog. No matter how badly they might want it. We are talking about ‘grapes’ and yes, that goes for raisins as well. Although, the toxicity of grapes and raisins isn’t all that common. It’s hard to tell which dog will react and which won’t. In the worst cases, this can be dangerous to dogs. Overall the bottom line is, “Don’t ever share grapes or raisins with your dogs“.

Can dogs eat grapes?

The answer is quite simple: NO. Well, grapes and raisin carry many nutritional values and they are very beneficial for humans. They contain loads of benefits like anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties. They have loads of vitamins and minerals which are good for humans. But for dogs, they can be dangerous. They contain some sort of toxins in them which can be poisonous for dogs and may lead to kidney failure even after some time of intake. So, any kind of grape product should not be given to your dog. They can lead your dog to death. 

Are grapes toxic to your dog?

There are so many researches going on to analyze the toxins present in grapes, but there is not an exact reason that came out from researchers. Some theories have come out- 

  • Seeds: Some researchers proved that seedless grapes were toxic too, so seeds cannot be considered toxins.
  • Allergies: Some dogs may be allergic to grapes or raisin, but it’s not common. The evidence wasn’t evident enough to prove allergies as a reaction to the fruit.
  • Salicylate: Many researchers believed that this aspirin-like compound found naturally in grapes is a toxin for dogs. 
  • Pesticides: Scientists studied that grapes and raisins from different countries may contain different pesticides. Whether the fruits were grown organically, or with pesticides, the toxicity in grapes and raisin remained the same.

So we are not sure why dogs have a toxic reaction from grapes, we only know that it may be coming from something in the skin or the flesh of the fruit. But whatever the reason is, grapes are not a good fruit for your puppies. 

The same goes for grape juice as that would be the direct product from the grape’s flesh and skin, it is toxic to dogs. This may also be applied for any cooked product (like cakes, mixed juices, etc.) containing grapes.

How many grapes can hurt a dog?

Studies said that any sort of grape can be poisonous. All dogs are different so their weight and size are also different. The body weight of your dog may matter in the case of grape consumption. For the bigger dogs, a grape or two may not cause any issues, but even one grape can cause acute kidney failure in small puppies. And some adult dogs may react to very few grapes, too. The risk factor is unknown from one dog to another. There is no exact conclusion for how many grapes would cause issues for your dog. The solution is to make sure all grapes, and raisins are away from the dog’s reach.

What do you need to do if your dogs have grapes?

If you find your dog has eaten a bowl full of grapes, immediately call your vet doctor.  Scientists have suggested that the sooner treatment for grape poisoning begins, the better your dog will heal. 

Signs and symptoms of grape poisoning:- It is important to know what symptoms to look out for if your dog eats a grape:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness/Stiffness that seems out of the ordinary
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea usually shows up a few hours to a few days after ingestion
  • Pain around the abdominal area when touched.
  • Dehydration could look like excessive panting or a dry nose and tongue
  • Increased thirst: It means an increase in urination or almost no urine production.
  • Kidney failure may be fatal if not treated immediately. 

If your dog is showing any of these symptoms it’s important to get them a vet as soon as possible because while grapes and raisins are dangerous. They’re not the only threat to your dog’s health and it’s always better to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to your beloved dogs.