Pet safety is one of the most important aspects of pet parenting. You must know that it is a never-ending job and look out for things that can be dangerous for your furry companion. Sometimes pooches get themselves into trouble, and sometimes we unknowingly harm them out of ignorance.


While you may not be present with your pets all the time, there are some points you must follow to make the surroundings safer and reduce potential accidents.


 Here are 10 tips for you to make sure your dog is safe and lives a long, healthy life:-

  1. Obedience Training – Your dog must know and obey basic commands. It is a solid mode of communication. There will be days you’ll encounter challenging situations when you step out with your dog. Basic obedience is very helpful when your pooch gets stuck. Your commands can help him escape without panic. It also comes in handy for situations where they grab something hazardous in their mouth, or to stop them from crossing a busy road.
  2. Healthy Food Giving dogs table scrapes is not just a disciplinary issue, but it’s also about what is good for them and what is not. You must know what human food your pet can or can’t have. Food that has chocolate, garlic, onion, caffeine, etc. is toxic for them.
  3. Leashed Walks – Make sure your pooch is always leashed in public places. They may be well trained and walk by your side without a leash. But there are distractions outside – loud noise, different smells. They might just get tempted to go away from you. What if they try to cross a busy road or lost their way back to you.
  4. Chewable Items – If a dangerous item seems to be a potential chewable toy for your dog, remove it. Items like knives, scissors, medicines, broken glass, electric wire, etc, are common in every household and should be removed from the dog’s reach. Even if your pet doesn’t show interest in such items now, they may hang on it later out of boredom.
  5. Supervised Wandering – Never leave your dog alone. There is always one or the other hazard waiting around the corner. Giving your pooch this freedom may land it into a dangerous situation and jeopardize its safety. Dog fights, road accidents, or even ticks attacks can occur when your pet is left unsupervised. So beware and keep an eye on it!
  6. Overall Health – You can save your dog from outer hazards, but what about saving it from health hazards and diseases. Make sure you give your pet proper physical exercise and a complete diet to meet their nutritional needs are fulfilled. Also, two bouts of walk/exercise daily are enough for them to stay fit. Activities like fetch, swimming, running are important for both physical and mental stimulation and will sharpen your pooches brain. Challenge them through creative games and tricks. They love it!
  7. First Aid Kit – With so much zeal and energy, dogs may get hurt and end up needing immediate aid. Having a first aid kit for your pet at home is very important. You should have cotton, tapes, gauze, antiseptic, thermometer, pain killer, and hydrogen peroxide. Also keep a fixed place for your dog’s medical file, in case you urgently need it. Don’t forget to save at least two vet numbers in your phone contact for emergency situations.
  8. Dog-Proofed Toys – Toys are the least expected place to expect any danger. But old and chewed toys may have sharp edges that can cut the dog’s gums. Small plastic pieces are quite unsafe for the digestive system and may harm the stomach and intestinal walls. Also, they expose your dog to choking risks. So make sure you check your pooch’s toy collection every now-and-then and get rid of the worn-out junk.
  9. Dental Hygiene – Dental care is as essential for dogs as it is for humans. Problems like gum infection, toothache, and even bad breath take place if you don’t care for their oral health. Regular teeth cleaning is suggested to make it better and stronger. You can also take care of it at home by regular rinsing and brushing. Dental treats are also available in the market that clean the teeth as your pooch chews them.
  10. GPS Tracker – This is highly recommended for those who take their dogs for long excursions, trips, and trekking. If your dog is lost, it can easily be tracked by this gadget. In fact, all dog owners should use it to ensure their dog’s safety.


Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. Looking out for their safety is one of them. It may not seem practical to keep an eye on them all the time, but adopting some habits and tweaking a few things in your regular household can ensure their safety and long life.