The Alabai dog is a canine companion breed that has gained popularity in India recently. The Alabai, also known as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, has won the hearts of many dog lovers with its imposing stature and unfailing loyalty. Originally bred to defend and protect cattle, they have recently gained popularity as household pets. This essay will explore the many facets of Alabai dogs, including their history, traits, and—most importantly—the cost of the Alabai breed in India.

History and Background of the Alabai Dog Breed

The Alabai is an ancient breed used for ages in Central Asia to guard and protect cattle. They are renowned for their strength, loyalty, and bravery and were developed to resist the area’s challenging terrain and severe weather. The Federation Cynologique Internationale originally acknowledged the Alabai in 1989.

Alabai dog in India

Breed kinds and the development of new ones are divided in the present history. The breed is credited with being standardized in the 1920s by the previous USSR. However, the breed now goes by the name Central Asian Ovcharka in Russia thanks to the recent development of a new Russian standard years after USSR rule in their home countries ended. They have been distinguished from other indigenous varieties present in Central Asian countries by this new version. The modern, Russian-cultivated dogs differ from the original variety in size, color, and disposition.

Alabai Dog Breed Characteristics

The Alabai is a huge breed of dog (occasionally written Alabay). They have strong muscles and are robust and stocky. The Alabai has more sexual dimorphism than the majority of other dog breeds. In comparison to females, males are larger and more volatile. Males typically weigh 50-79 kg (110-174 lb) and stand at least 70 cm (28″) tall, whereas females typically weigh between 40-65 kg (88-132 lb) and stand at least 65 cm (26″).

The Alabai is a member of Group 2 of the International Canine Federation (FCI), which is comprised of Pinscher- and Schnauzer-type canines. Molossoid, Swiss Mountain Dogs, and Cattle Dogs are a few of these.

Physical Appearance of the Alabai Dog

Skin Type –Hairy coat
Lifespan –12 – 15 years
Weight –110+ lbs
Color –Grey

Factors That Influence the Price of Alabai Dogs in India

alabai dog

Alabai dogs have drawn a lot of interest because of their tenacity, power, and sense of duty. However, depending on a number of factors, the cost of Alabai dogs in India can vary greatly. 

1. Breeder’s Reputation

One of the foremost factors to take into account is the reputation of the breeder when considering buying an Alabai dog. Reputable breeders who adhere to ethical breeding practices and maintain the health of their dogs tend to charge higher prices. This ensures that the buyer is getting a healthy and well-socialized puppy.

2. Pedigree and Bloodline

The lineage of an Alabai dog also plays a crucial role in determining its price. Dogs with a strong pedigree, boasting a line of champions and exceptional traits, often demand a premium. The pedigree reflects the dog’s genetic makeup and can be an indicator of its overall health and temperament.

3. Age of the Dog

The age of the Alabai dog is a significant price determinant. Puppies are generally more expensive than adult dogs. This is because puppies require more care, vaccinations, and training, which adds to the breeder’s expenses. Moreover, younger dogs have a longer life expectancy, making them a preferred choice for many buyers.

4. Health and Vaccination Records

The health and vaccination records of the Alabai are of paramount importance. Dogs with up-to-date vaccinations and a clean bill of health from a veterinarian typically command higher prices. Buyers want assurance that they are investing in a healthy and disease-free pet.

5. Location

The geographical location also affects the price of Alabai dogs in India. In metropolitan areas, where the cost of living is higher, the price of dogs tends to be elevated. Conversely, in rural areas, where the cost of breeding and care is lower, Alabai dogs may be more affordable.

6. Demand and Popularity

The popularity of Alabai dogs in a particular region can significantly influence their price. If the breed is in high demand due to their protective instincts and loyalty, breeders may charge more. Conversely, in areas where the breed is less well-known, prices may be more reasonable.

Where to Adopt an Alabai Dog

Outside of Asia, the Alabai is a rather uncommon breed in Western Europe. It cannot be easy to find this breed in your nation. Find a reputable breeder to adopt a premium quality dog to your home. Always keep in mind that the most crucial factor in adding a new family member is your ability to adapt to their demands and way of life, not that they conform to any breed standards.

Alabai Dog Price In India With All State

alabai dog in Indian region

Alabai dog breed is famed for their fidelity, power, and wisdom. They are also exceptionally adaptable canines that can be used for a wide range of tasks, including search and rescue operations, herding cattle, and protecting property. Depending on the breeder, quality, location, and age, alabai dogs are a bit pricey. They typically cost between Rs 50,000 and Rs 95,000, but they can cost up to Rs 150,000. As a result, it can be highly expensive, and not everyone can afford to own it. 

Now let’s talk about Alabai dog price in all major states of India.

Alabai Dog Price In Kerala

An Alabai puppy typically costs between Rs 50,000 and Rs 1,50,000 or more. To be sure you are obtaining a healthy and well-behaved companion, it is crucial to engage with a reputable breeder and request to see health clearances for both the parents and the puppies.

Alabai Dog Price In Hyderabad

Alabai dog price in Hyderabad can vary depending on various factors such as the availability, breeder reputation, breed quality, and age of the dog. You can expect to pay around Rs 60,000 to Rs 100,000 for this dog breed.

Alabai Dog Price In Delhi

Despite the fact that Delhi is a metropolitan city in India, still, the accessibility of any dog is still much easier than the other cities. However, the increasing demand for the dog breed can shock you with their prices. You can expect to pay around Rs 60,000 to Rs 150,000 for Alabai dog in Delhi.

Alabai Dog Price In Bangalore

The price of an Alabai dog will be around Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000 for a top-quality dog in Bangalore. If you want to get one from a reputable breeder, ready to pay more than Rs 150,000. It is important to know the medical history of your dog’s parent, the clearer their medical history is the more likely your dog will not get affected by any health issues.

Alabai Dog Price In Kolkata

The cost of an Alabai dog will be around Rs 60,000 to Rs 1,30,000 for the best quality breed in Kolkata. However, consider their monthly and yearly cost of this breed before heading to adopt one.

Alabai Dog Price In Punjab

The price of an Alabai dog is around Rs 60,000 to Rs 100,000 in Punjab. Make sure to check the medical clearance of the dog and his parents to avoid any health issues in the future. Since, many dog breeds are prone to certain health issues and Alabai dog is one of the kind.

Alabai Dog Price In Chennai

Alabai dogs are known for their loyalty and love for their owners. Hence, the reason for their increasing demands in the market. You can expect to pay Rs 60,000 to Rs 90,000 for your Alabai dog in Chennai.

Alabai Dog Price In Mumbai

The Alabai dogs can be cost around Rs 60,000 to Rs 90,000 from a reputable breeder in Mumbai. If you are looking for a premium quality and a young age dog breed, you may pay upto Rs 150,000.

Care Cost of Alabai Dog in India

alabai puppy in india

The following expenses are related to maintaining these dogs:

Food Cost: Food prices for Alabai dogs can range from Rs 500 to Rs 5000(approximately) each month. Because they are large breeds, they eat a lot.   

Grooming Cost: To properly groom your pet, you’ll need a number of accessories, which can range in price from Rs 200 to Rs 5000. These include nail grinders or nail cutters and hair-shedding combs.

Health Checkup: Although they don’t often have any serious health problems, it’s still vital to get routine checkups every three to four months to make sure they’re in good shape. The cost will vary depending on the vet’s reputation. A high-end veterinarian may be more expensive than a local or private veterinarian.  

Training Cost: This large dog may be highly aggressive against humans and other dogs and is very possessive. Therefore, it’s crucial to socialize and train them properly. Dog trainers will run you between Rs 2000 and Rs 20,000. (It is a typical estimate that may be higher or lower.)

Alabai Dog For Sale Price

It is not difficult to find Alabai dog in India. Many bid dog shelters and breeders have their website who offer amazing discounts on various dog breeds on special days. You can get 10-20% discount on top-quality Alabai dogs.

Alabai Dog Puppy

Alabai puppies need more as they develop quickly and have more needs. Puppies typically prefer playing with strong, solid rubber toys that won’t break quickly and require a lot of playtime and energy to keep them entertained. Make sure your home is prepared if you intend to raise a puppy of the Alabai breed. If not, he might search you and take everything you own. However, compared to many other breeds, this breed’s puppies require more attention and ongoing training, so you should devote a lot of time to them.

How To Care Alabai Dog

The Alabai needs a number of care requirements to be satisfied, just like any other breed of dog, in order to remain healthy:

Grooming: To maintain the Alabai’s coat in top shape, brush it once a week and take a bath once a month. Nails should be cut frequently, and ears should be cleansed once a week to avoid wax buildup. Additionally, to stop periodontal disease from developing, brush your teeth every two to three days.

Socialization: To help them grow into well-adjusted adults, Alabai dogs need a lot of socializing and training from a young age. They can also be obstinate at times, so they need an experienced owner who can give them fair but firm direction.

Exercise: Exercise is important since, while being a peaceful dog with low activity, the Alabai should not be kept inside an apartment. They ought to have at least a sizable patio. They are strong dogs that are perfect for carers who enjoy daily walks. They should only be let loose in gated areas and should always be on a leash while going for walks.

Food: Their daily diet can be commercial or homemade but must be adapted to the age and activity level of the animal. As it is a large breed, taking care of its diet will be essential during the puppy stage. Overfeeding during this period can be responsible for important developmental diseases.

Alabai Dog Safe For Children

alabai dog characteristics

Alabai dogs adore spending time with kids, especially the kids of their owners. They typically get along well with family pets like cats and dogs. These dogs are gentle, devoted, and protective of kids. The strong protective instinct in them may prevent them from being kind to outsiders like your child’s playmates. Additionally, due to their size, they could unintentionally hurt young toddlers. As a result, you should take care of them and avoid leaving the dog alone with kids or pets.

Fun Facts About Alabai Dog

  • According to the Alabai’s genetic makeup, this breed has existed for more than 5,000 years.
  • Denmark has a ban on it.
  • Alabai dogs have the wolf-crusher-sounding nickname Voldokov due to their extraordinary strength.
  • Its incredible bite force of 500–650 PSI (pounds per square inch) makes it one of the canines with the strongest bites.
  • It was quite well-liked in Russia in 2000. Even Vladimir Putin owned a dog named Alabai.

Best Food For Alabai Dog

The Alabai dog, also known as the Central Asian Shepherd, is a majestic and powerful breed that deserves the best care, especially when it comes to nutrition.

Premium Dog Food Brands

Investing in high-quality dog food brands that prioritize natural ingredients and avoid fillers is a great choice for your Alabai. There are plenty of dog food products available in the market, you must feed them to your dogs.

Raw Diet

Some Alabai owners opt for a raw diet, which can mimic their ancestors’ diet more closely. However, it’s essential to consult with a veterinarian for guidance.

Homemade Meals

Preparing homemade meals allows you to have full control over your Alabai’s diet. Ensure that the meals are well-balanced and meet their nutritional requirements.

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What Is The Size Of An Alabai Dog?

The Alabai dog breed is a large dog breed. Male and Female is at least 25.5 inches tall and may be as tall as 27.5 inches. They normally weigh 88 pounds or less, although they can weigh over 110 pounds.

What Is The Temperament Of An Alabai Dog?

Alabai dogs have a strong sense of independence and self-assurance. Even if he finds being alone upsetting, he doesn’t seem detached. He is able to get along well with his owner’s family. You can keep them at home since they enjoy spending time with their loved ones and often follow them from one room to the next. This breed is fearless and highly aggressive toward its opponent because it has battled with powerful predators for decades. But when it comes to those they know, they’re pretty nice to them.

They might take some time to get to know and warm up to new people because these canines evolved to protect people’s property and animals. Utilize positive reinforcement techniques and introduce new people or animals to your dog gradually and carefully. To help him deal with strangers more efficiently as an adult, it is best to expose him to a wide variety of people and situations when he is young. An Alabai dog’s high level of intelligence and independent personality may make training him difficult. You can train these dogs to behave well and very fast with patience, encouragement, and frequent incentives.

Do Alabai Dogs Have Any Health Issues?

There can be certain health problems, like with any breed. While the Central Asian Shepherd Dog has fewer genetic disorders than most breeds created by humans, hip dysplasia clearances are still necessary to replace natural selection in this breed. Those who want to own a Central Asian Shepherd Dog can learn all they need to know about particular health issues with the breed by collaborating with a responsible breeder. Good breeders genetically screen their breeding material to lessen the possibility of sickness in their puppies.

Are Alabai Dogs Good with Other Animals?

In general, the Central Asian Sheep Dog is a friendly dog breed and hence, stays well with other animals.

Can Alabai Dogs Live in Apartments?

Due to their size and desire for exercise, Alabai dogs are not appropriate for apartment living. They need a big yard or access to open areas where they can run around and play.