A friendly, sturdy, cute, healthy, and energetic Labradoodle is the best choice to adopt as a pet. The fuzzy poodle Labradoodle hybrids are also loving and affectionate and can be versatile therapeutic and family dogs. These dogs seem like soft toys that make them loveable. 

An Australian breeder crossed Labrador Retriever with Poodle the resulting breed was “Labradoodle.” They are clever, energetic, intelligent, and highly trainable canine companions, all thanks to the Poodle’s intelligence and Lab’s level of hardworking traits.

The coat of Labradoodle comes in several colors like Blue, Chocolate, Silver, Gold, or Multicolors. Let’s see what are the different colors of the Labradoodle make them so adorable.

1. Blue:- 

This coat color is a rare yet beautiful Labradoodle color. It is an infrequent shade where a gray color is dominant in multi-colored Labradoodles like Merle, The Parti, and Sable. The blue or gray hue is sometimes mistaken for an off-white or off-black color. 

2. Chocolate/ Brown:-

The fusion of the brown Labrador Retriever and Darker shade Poodle will result in a Chocolate or brown Labradoodle. This shade is quite common in this breed and still looks cute. It has a dark hint of brown and mahogany.

3. Silver:- 

The fusion of dark and light charcoal results in this color. The puppy would have a solid black color during birth, but the coat color turns gradually into silver over the period. The coat may have a solid or layers of colors which can be even or in patches. The pigment of the nose would be black.

4. Golden/Apricot:- 

It is one of the most popular Labradoodle colors. If you love teddy bears, you will surely fall in love with this shade of Labradoodle as it looks just like them. Their nose, eyes, and toenails are black. This shade results in the fusion between Darker brown, blue, or silver traits. The color may fade into cream color as they age. This shade of Labradoodle was the last official color to be recognized by the American Kennel Club. It has black nose pigment.

5. Red:- 

This shade looks like a living teddy bear having dark-colored mahogany shade. The soft and shiny red coat color resembles a stuffed soft toy. Although, this color is hard to find and the rarest among the others. This shade results in the cross between a darker-colored poodle with a cream or tan Labrador Retriever. 

6. Black:- 

It is an all-black coat color from the nose, eyes, paws to the entire coat. This black color results from the cross between a Black Poodle and a Chocolate Labradoodle Retriever. It is a popular color and a rare color in Labradoodles. The black color can only be possible when both the parents are of the darker shade. However, it isn’t any guarantee that the outcome would be black. It may result in a chocolate brown color.

7. Cream:- 

This shade is constantly mistaken for the white color. This color uses for breeding a variety of colors in Labradoodles. Every cream Labradoodle is precious as each one contains different traits. AKC recognized the cream color as an official color. Sometimes this creamy color is blended with apricot/gold tinting. They have black or rose pigment on the nose and are mostly confused as Caramel Cream Color.  

8. Tuxedo (Black & White Labradoodle):- 

The unique and classy look of this Labradoodle makes people more curious to adopt them. It is commonly known as black and White Labradoodle because of its black and white pattern with a few differences in its characteristics. The tuxedo coat is black except for the legs and the tummy area with white stripes.

9. Parchment:- 

The resemblance of this Labradoodle with a teddy bear drives everyone affectionate towards this color. This color appears more like a cup of coffee seamlessly blended with milk. It also has a cute pinkish nose.   

10. Caramel:- 

Caramel Labradoodle ranges from rich gold to deep red shade. The distinctive feature which makes them different from other coat colors is their brown nose.

11. Café:- 

Its name comes from its coffee-brown color. This Labradoodle ranges from milk chocolate to silver-beige. 

12. Chalk:- 

This color looks a lot like the white color. But actually, there is a slight difference in this color, referred to chalky-white color. The nose has black or rose pigment.

13. Lavender:-

The color is a fusion of smokey lavender and brown chocolate results in smokey lavender chocolate color typically named as Lavender Labradoodle color. They don’t have this shade but have chocolate and lavender shade that gradually develops over the period. This shade comes in a rare color group.

14. Parti:- 

They are almost fifty percent white, with spots of solid colors. They are multi-colored dogs with solid-colored nose pigment.

15. Sable:- 

The sable represents black-tipped hair on a background of solid color without any specific pattern or location for such hair. The coat has a dark shade of black or chocolate; its multi-colored shade amazed people with its beauty. 

16. Merle:-

It refers to the genetic traits of color in the dog, which changes all types of coat colors. It may have the hues of black, red, blue, chocolate, and some patches of grays and creams. These dogs have blue or green colors.

17. Phantom:- 

The coat has a solid base color whereas, the other color gives a defined pattern or marking which mainly appears on the throat, sides of the muzzle, around the eyes, on the legs, and below the tail. This color comes from the fusion of some solid colors. The nose contains a solid base color. 

18. Brindle:- 

This color has an equal distribution of all the colors with the layering of black hair in the lighter shades like chalk, cream, gold, red, lavender, café, parchment, or silver, giving a tiger-striped pattern.


  • The Red Labradoodle is the rarest coat color of this breed. It is all because its soft toy-like appearance and the black-colored nose make it more adorable.
  • The Black Labradoodle is one of the popular coat colors of this breed. You cannot get bored with all-black color so, this color is an evergreen color of this breed.