Bulldogs have a personality of calm, courage, loyalty, and friendliness. A medium-sized dog with a smooth coat, short-faced head, broad shoulders, and short limbs makes them the most desirable breed. Their face is short, and their nose is large and black with wide nostrils. Their loving nature has made them one of the most loving pets in the world. They are called “Bullies.”

If you love Bulldogs and plan to adopt one, learning its coat colors is mandatory so you can be clear with your choices. 

In this article, we will discuss everything about the coat colors of the English Bulldogs, which are rarest, ordinary, original, or standard. English Bulldogs come in a variety of colors, which are standard and non-standard colors.

Standard Colors

There are mainly 10 standard colors, which can be further mixed and matched into many different combinations. These standard colors are approved by the Kennel Clubs and are- Fawn, Brindle, White, Lilac, Chocolate, Black, Blue, and Seal.

1. Fawn or Fallow Color Bulldog

Fallow English Bulldogs and Fawn English Bulldogs are similar things. The term Fallow was first used to refer to this coat color in England in 1789.

It is a popular color for Bulldogs. Even so, Fawn is a light tannish yellow color with different shades, from a pale tan to deep deer-red. This color is often seen in clothing and furnishings.

Different Combination of Fawn Bulldog

English Bulldogs are available in various combinations of these colors. It could be one, two, or three of these colors and different designs. 

Here are a few most commonly used combinations.

  • Fawn and Brindle English Bulldog
  • Fawn and White English Bulldog
  • Fawn, Brindle, and White English Bulldog
  • Red and White English Bulldog
  • Red, Brindle English Bulldog
  • Red, Brindle, and White English Bulldog

2. Brindle Bulldog Color

This color is a signature look for the English Bulldogs. This traditional coat has a striped pattern with different base colors. The brindle color has a unique Tiger-Esque stripes pattern.

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3. White Bulldog Color

The beauty of this coat color makes you aspire to have a white Bully. A pure white smooth coat from tip to tail without any markings whereas, stripes pattern on the body. 

4. Lilac Color Bulldog

This color is one of the rarest coat colors of English Bullies. It is diluted twice, the first one is from black to brown, and the other is from black to blue. It looks like the mixing of blue and brown shades resulted in a purplish-gray color. Though, Lilac bullies may have shades of purple on their pads, nose, and eyeliner with frosty blue eyes.

5. Black English Bulldog Color

Black is another rarest coat color in Bully dogs, while it’s an ordinary coat color in other breeds. It is shiny with a fawn undercoat with a solid black hue on its nose, pads, and eyeliner. Another variety of Black Bully is “Black Tri.” When an English Bulldog has a black and white coat with tan-colored points. 

6. Red English Bulldog

Purebred English Bulldogs can be seen in different hues of red. The shades vary from light to deep red which could look like chocolate.

Red English Bulldogs are black eyes, noses as well as paw pads, and lips. This distinguishes them from chocolate English Bulldogs that have brown noses.

7. Blue English Bulldog Color

At first look, it may look like blue or gray but, they are the black one that has been diluted in color by the dd genotype. It would appear to be gray in the sun or against darker-colored objects. Their nose, pads, and eyeliner are in slate gray tint. 

8. Chocolate Color Bulldog

Bullies with chocolate fur are adorable looking. However, it is a rare coat color and, this is the original coat color of this breed. English Bulldogs got this color from the bb genotype. Their nose, pads, and eyeliner can have a silver or a brown hue, with deep brown coat color. 

9. Seal Color Bulldog

This is one of the reared coat colors of Bulldog to find. These dogs have a distinctive reddish or brownish shade on the coat with a dark stripe down their back. They generally have lighter eyes, while their legs and tail are darker comparing their coat color.  

10. Platinum English Bulldog

Platinum  English Bulldogs’ bodies will be colorless; only 10% of them will be colored.

Any part of the body or face might develop these irregular color patterns. These incredibly uncommon dogs can fetch up to $6,000.

Non-Standard Colors

These colors are derived from a combination of standard colors.

1. Piebald English Bulldog

Piebald Bulldog is commonly known as “pied” with the marking of white spots on a pigmented backdrop of fur that includes red, muddy brindle, and fawn. Hence, it is simply a combination of two different standard colors that appear on their coat as markings. 

2. Tri Pattern English Bulldog

This means the Bulldog with three different coat colors in a tri-pattern form. They usually show the third color, which is fawn or golden brown. However, you can see this pattern on their cheeks, chest, inner front chest, and above their eyes. 

3. Blue Tri Color Bulldog

It is the most desirable coat color for English Bulldogs. They have silver coats with a tan point on their eyes, legs, and chest. Though, they mainly have blue or green eyes. 

4. Blue Sable Color Bulldog

The base color of these dogs is red with a hint of the silver cast on their coat. They have tri markings on their face, legs, and chest area with blue/green eyes.

5. Lilac Sable Color Bulldog

This is another most desirable pet color to have. Many people adore the beauty of this color. Some shades are darker than others, whereas some have gorgeous champagne coat colors. The eye color of these bulldogs is aqua blue, ice blue, or ice green.

6. Black Tri-Color Bulldog

These Bulldogs have black smooth, shiny fur on their coat with brown eyes. They have black pads, a nose, and eyeliner. However, the tan color is also noticeable. 

7. Merle Bulldog Color

This coat color is the newly added color to English Bulldog’s coat. These Bullies look more like Australian Shepherds with clear ice blue eyes. It refers to the color combination in the dog’s coat. These dogs have a solid coat color with slight patches and markings. They mainly come in black tri, blue tri, and chocolate tri colors, while some of them may come with darker coats than others. The undercoat would be blue, whereas the topcoat is often darker.

8. Albino English Bulldog

Albino English Bulldog is not a specific color, though it appears as though the coat is white and the ears, nose, eye rims, and paws are pale pink.

Albino dogs suffer from an inherited condition that blocks the distribution of pigment. They are poor in color. Breeding albino dogs are not ethical and may result in a myriad of health problems.

English Bulldog Colors Recognized By The AKC

AKC English Bulldog colors include a mixture of colors like Brindle and White, Fawn Brindle and White, Red Brindle and White, Fawn and Brindle and Gray, and White.

  • Fawn
  • Fawn & Brindle
  • Fawn & White
  • Fawn Brindle & White
  • Red
  • Red & White
  • Red Brindle
  • Red Brindle & White
  • White
  • Fallow

English Bulldog Colors Not Recognized By The AKC

English Bulldog colors that are not recognized by AKC are-

  • Black & White
  • Black Fawn & White
  • Gray

Taking Care of Your English Bulldog’s Coat

English bulldogs shed lots of hair. It is recommended to brush them at least three times per week.

English Bulldogs are also wrinkled dogs. You may notice that their faces are skin that has been folded into folds that could lead to skin irritations when dirt or moisture gets stuck in the folds.

When you experience itchy, red skin, Keep an eye on it and visit the vet, if needed, to avoid infections. To evade this occurring, you should often clean the wrinkles.


What is the Rarest Color for English Bulldogs?

Merle is the rarest English Bulldog Color due to its unavailability in the market. People love this color because of its unique and adorable look. They come with different markings, like fawn, cream, dark brown, black, white, or mixed with other dark hues. Some other rare colors are Lilac, Chocolate, Blue, and Black.
Unfortunately, this gorgeous English Bulldog coat color is not recognized by AKC but still is in demand in the market. Apart from that, this coat color may vanish over time due to its recessive genetic disorders. Merle is susceptible to health issues, like microphthalmia(born with tiny eyes), anophthalmia(born without eyes), and even blindness. 

What is the Ideal Color for Your English Bulldog?

It is best to have a coat color that is pure, consistent, bright, and uniformly spread throughout the body. The ideal coat colors in English Bulldog are Fawn, Red Brindle, Brindle, White, Fallow, Piebald, or Red

What is the Original Color of an English Bulldog?

Chocolate Color is the initial color of the English Bulldog. With the many coat colors available today, no one would believe it was chocolate that is the only one. But, it is perhaps due to massive mutations over the years which result in the diverse shades of the English Bully. 

What is the Most Popular English Bulldog Color?

Pet lovers who are often interested seek out the rarest or the most prominent color in English bulldogs. In terms of popularity, the Solid White and Fawn English Bulldog is the most loved Bully shade. 

What are the Standard Colors of an English Bulldog?

English Bulldog coat colors are mixed to create different combinations, such as tri-color and Piebald. A total of eight standard colors, including black, white, chocolate, lilac, seal blue, fawn, and brindle.

What Exactly is a Ghost Merle the English Bulldog?

Cryptic Merle, also known as Ghost Merle are carriers of the merle gene. However, they do not express it. This means they are like the classic bulldog, but they have this genetic mutation hidden in the genes of their owners. This mutation may not have any effect on their appearance in some way, but it is possible to pass it on to their children.

How Do Genetics Work for English Bulldog Color?

The color of an English Bulldog is usually determined by their genetics. It is believed that the English Bulldog will acquire one color allele (a pair of genes) from both parents.
The two alleles listed above will determine your dog a color genotype. The genes of your Bulldog will decide the coat color, texture, and appearance.

Do the Coat Color of English Bulldogs Change as They Get Older?

English Bulldog puppies can indeed change color as they get older. The coat of dogs begins changing color between 6-18 months. Pet coats may have different textures than adult coats in this breed.

Do English Bulldog Colors Affect Their Behavior?

It is not true that the various shades of the English Bulldog don’t affect their behavior. While chocolate or black English Bulldogs can appear more intimidating than dogs with lighter colors. However, they are not as aggressive or aggressive as Fawn, Fallow English Bulldogs.
The AKC declares that English Bulldogs should possess a cordial yet confident temperament that is peaceful and respectful.

Do English Bulldog Colors Affect Health?

The color of your English Bulldog’s fur could influence their health. For instance, White English Bulldogs are susceptible to becoming deaf. Also, congenital disorders are common in certain lines and are rare colors that may be inbred.
Like all breeds of dogs, English Bulldogs are prone to certain illnesses and conditions. The brachycephalic dogs have smaller windpipes and flat faces and are susceptible to breathing issues.
Additionally, these are susceptible to heatstroke during warm conditions, in hot areas, and automobiles. They are also sensitive to cold.
Because of their skin folds, they are prone to skin infections as well as knee and hip problems. They also are at risk of the development of mast cell tumors.

Are Merle English Bulldogs Unhealthy?

Yes but unfortunately Merle English Bulldogs are known to have a variety of health issues.
The genes that provide these dogs with their unique color patterns are also believed to trigger ear and eye issues that could eventually result in your dog becoming blind or deaf.

Do English Bulldogs Change Eye Color?

Yes, the eyes are different for every English Bulldog and can change color in particular as they age. Color is also an excellent indicator of your dog’s overall health.
Healthy eyes should have clear brown, blue, or black with no cloudiness or haziness. The surrounding area must be clean and clear of yellow.
English Bulldogs typically have poor eyesight and are susceptible to developing cherry eyes. Any color that is yellow or pink or cloudiness could be a sign of the presence of liver or eye diseases.

What Colors can English Bulldogs See?

All dogs, even English Bulldogs, can see color, but not as clearly as human beings. They see the world in blue, yellow, and gray.
Orange, green, and yellow can appear all in yellow when you look at the English Bulldog, while purple and violet are blue and blue-green can be gray.

What is a Tri-Color English Bulldog?

English Bulldogs who have three-colored coats with a specific pattern are referred to by the name of “tri patterned” Bullies. They are usually spotted with points of a third hue that is generally fawn or golden brown in front of their eyes, on their cheeks, front legs, and the chest.