Are you planning to take your dog out for a road trip? Of course, you do not want to leave your beloved pet at home alone, and you are on your vacation. Even if you go to your friend, you always take your dog along with you.

Some dogs do chase around their owners to take them out in the car. As a dog owner, you want to make sure that he is safe on the journey. But if you do not, you may put him into trouble. So what should you do to keep your dog safe and convenient?

In this article, we will share some safest ways for a dog to travel in the car. Let’s dive into this.

What to Bring on Your Trip, While Taking Your Dog Along With You?

Whether it is a long trip or short, prepare everything beforehand when it comes to your dog. You may consider taking some things to make a trip safe, comfortable, and happy. Things you need to consider are-

1. Dog Travel Kit: 

Put all the items that you think your dog may require, and the items could be dog food, water, food/water bowl, treats, toys, poop bags, bed, medications, canine first-aid, etc.

Make sure your dog is feeling well for traveling and get all his vaccinations. Put all the certifications and vaccination certificates that you might need in some states or countries.

If you are taking your dog for the first time on a trip, consult your vet for extra precautions and advice. If necessary, consider putting a microchip inside him.

2. Consider Some Safety Measures:

Despite your beloved pet, he is an animal who does not differentiate what is good or bad for him? But you may consider some safety measures before you hit the road. 

Some precautions need to consider- 

  • Do not drive while keeping your pet on your lap.
  • Never let him sit on the seat right next to you.
  • Never let your dog keep his head out of the window. It is dangerous for your dog.
  • Do not let your dog inside the car. Heat can harm your dog.

How to Keep Your Dog Secure in The Car?

There are plenty of different ways to make a trip safe and comfortable. We will discuss some of the most popular and essential ones that conspire to keep your dog safe.

But first, you must get your canine companion used to these methods before actually applying so that you can see if your dog likes the process or you need to replace it with another. 

1. Dog Harness Seat Belt:

The seatbelts of cars are not meant for dogs but can be used along with dedicated harnesses for dogs. These harnesses contain a tether, attaches to your existing seat belt of a car. 

These specially designed harnesses firmly hold your dog inside the car. They are ethical for polite, well-behaved dogs who obey your commands. However, you can use a harness for regular walks, tracking, or running.

Although, they are much stronger than any other typical harness. It will restrict your dog from roaming in the car and prevent you from being distracted while you are driving. 

This method is not suited for puppies because they might not like to tie up like this. Puppies are usually more energetic and enthusiastic than bigger dogs. 

They love to chase and explore new things. They do not like to get restricted or tied up. So avoid using harnesses on small puppies.

2. Travel Crate:

Travel crates are a safe way to travel in any vehicle for your dog. But you need to train your dog before actually taking him out for traveling. Crates come in variable sizes. Choose the size according to the size of your dog.

If your dog is not used to staying in a crate, it might be uncomfortable for him or refuse to accept it. Dogs may panic, be stressed out, or try to escape from the case. Your dog may be afraid of being in small places and may bark or even use his teeth to run away. 

So get your dog used to being in a crate before you take him in the car. It will surely take some time to get addicted. Be patient while working with your dog. 

There are different types of crates such as wire collapsible, cloth crates, plastic crates, and soft-sided collapsible crates. Some dogs feel comfortable in wired collapsible cases, and others do not. So bring the one in which your dog feels comfortable.

Cloth crates are way more comfortable for puppies than metal-wired ones. Cloth crates are easy to carry, and you can take them anywhere, even in the buildings along with you.  

However, cloth crates are quite flimsy while traveling. So try to make your dog have the habit of plastic or metal crates. 

3. Barrier-type Methods:

If you are not in favor of seat-belt harnesses or crates, this method is for you. If you have the most vigilant and anxious dog who always wants to sit in your lap or climb onto you, a barrier will be the solution for those dogs.

Your dog secures at the back of your car, and a barrier forms between the two front seats. So the dog would not come to the front and stay at the back. It is like a room for your dog.

Dogs will be secure with a particular fence. The barriers are placed in the backs of hatchbacks, vans, and SUVs. 

Make sure that your dog is secured at the back and may not come to the front section. It prevents your dog from being tossed around in the car or distracting you from traveling. 

Although it is not that safe when you quickly break the car, the dog might throw it around. But your dog would be safe in any other situation.

Final Thoughts:

Planning a trip with your dog can be a great option to spend your vacations. For that, make sure to take your dogs on mini trips so that they can get used to traveling. Also, it is crucial to consider all the safety measures before taking your dog on a trip. It is your responsibility to make any trip safe and adventurous for your pets.