Only dog owners can give their pets a happy and healthy life. Multiple things come underdog wellness rather than just a physically healthy posh. Various factors are responsible for affecting the performance of your dog. 

It would be irresistible to say NO to your dog while he wants some treats from your table. But do you know, not all human foods are good for your canine companions? 

However, some dogs may still be unhappy, and we need to address certain specifics and provide them with the life they deserve. Listed below are the top ten tips for dog wellness that would make your dog cherished and healthy. 

1. Focus on Their Diet and Nutrition

We all know that an appropriate amount of nutrition can keep a dog fit and healthy. That will keep your canine companion away from many diseases. 

The foods which are nutritious and beneficial to you; may not be the same for your dog. So you must avoid giving them foods that can threaten the life of your dog. 

Ingredients like alcohol, sugar, high salt, fruits with seeds, almonds, popcorn, garlic, and onion are not great. 

If your companion is allergic to any food ingredient, exclude that entirely from his diet. Also, avoid feeding market-made foods, try to cook meals at home. You can not be sure of the ingredients of market foods. So try to cook food at home, and you can be satisfied with their health.

Try to include all nutrients in their diet: protein-rich foods like Chicken and Eggs help strengthen muscles, fruits, and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. For example, watermelon, apple, mango(remove their seeds and skin), cucumber, carrot, pumpkin, squash, etc. These are necessary to boost the immune system and keep them healthy. 

2. Take Care of Their Teeth and Ear

Some of you might not consider taking care of the teeth and ears of your pet. But do you know many breeds are prone to numerous dental issues and ear infections if not cleaned regularly? 

Dental infections like gum diseases can lead to premature tooth loss, bad breath, built-in tar, and inflamed gum. Gum diseases can further harm organs and also the digestive tract. 

So proper dental care has a potential impact on the health of your dog. Take the breath test of your dogs once in a while and try to brush their teeth every week. Once your dogs get in the habit, you will be able to brush their teeth regularly. 

Always use the brush and toothpaste specifically made for dogs. Never use toothpaste made for humans because they contain a xylitol compound which is harmful to dogs. 

On the other hand, cleaning ears is as important as brushing their teeth. They are also prone to ear infections. The presence of ticks, fleas, or lice indicates that they could have resided inside the ears. 

You can clean their ears by yourself, take a cotton ball and a piece of gauze with an ear-cleaning solution. Gently rub the ears and slightly slide your finger inside the ear canal. Do not force your finger; try to be as gentle as possible. 

Do not use water because that does not work for cleaning, and also never put Q-tip inside the ears. Call your vet for a proper cleaning procedure.  

Also, trim their nails regularly. Always check their growing nails and cut them on time. They can harm themselves while scratching their coats.   

3. Brush Their Coat and Bath Them Regularly

A clear shiny long coat reflects a healthy canine. Dogs with short coats do not require much attention for their hair. You do not need to take them to a professional groomer. There are fewer maintenance dogs who do not require to bathe every day.

On the other hand, dogs with long coats are high-maintenance dogs. Bathe them every other single day. Also, brush them more often because they are more prone to developing mats and dirt on their hair. 

Long hair needs regular grooming to maintain healthy hair. Grooming and bathing make your dog more hygienic and prevent any possible infection. Regular brushing removes dead hair and spreads natural oils to the coat to make it shiny and healthy. 

4. Get Enough Exercise

As we all know, exercise burns extra calories but also boosts metabolism. It helps your dog to stay fit and healthy. So make sure your dog gets enough exercises or activities daily. 

Small activities may help your dog be energetic all the time. If your dog does not move much and lays down on the floor all day, he will become lazy and distorted. A fit animal companion will be more enthusiastic and participate in the activities.

Regular exercise keeps the muscles, joints, tendons, and bones of your pet strong. It also boosts their mental health. Spend at least 1-2 hours daily with your dog and take them out for a walk. 

Activities like throwing and catching games, hiking, racing, walks, and swimming can keep your canine companion physically fit and energetic. 

5. Proper Shelter And Keep Fresh Water Available

We all love our own homes and make them like our likings because that is our personal space. The same goes with your dogs; they love to stay in their personal space. Make a signified sitting area and bed for your bed, so they will feel your home is their own home.

If you keep your dogs in the yard, make a home for them. It is significantly crucial to provide them a proper shelter for their lives. Changing weather can make them uncomfortable and ultimately risk their lives. 

Make them their home and always keep fresh water available to them. Our canine companions drain out more water from their bodies in the summer. 

Always remember, they can not speak, so you need to understand their needs and make them available on time.

6. Control Their Weight

Being overweight is the key reason for many diseases. It is mandatory to control your body weight and burn those extra carbs to stay fit. The same goes for your dogs as well. 

Consult your vet for a diet plan for your chubby dog and follow the recommendations strictly. Your vet can identify the nutritional requirements of your pet based on its size, age, breed, and activities. 

Do not offer them rewards from your table scraps and give them a healthy treat. Obesity can lead to various health issues like heart problems, cancer, skin irritation, rashes, and muscle contraction issues.  

Obesity can decrease the quality of their life, make them lazy, uninterested in tasks and playing. So do not overfeed your pup. Eliminate unhealthy fats and carbs from their diet as much as possible. 

7. Help Prevent Parasites

You might see some parasites reside in the coat of your pet. Parasites like fleas, ticks, and heartworms suck their blood and make them physically weak. They cause skin irritation and can become worse if not treated on time. 

These parasites carry diseases and can infect your dogs regardless of their restricted exposure; they can still get to the coat of your dog. 

Call your vet the moment you observe parasites around your pet. Ask your vet for a safe and effective option to prevent these parasites. Prevention of parasites may keep your dog fit and healthy. 

8. Keep Them Busy And Socialized

We all know how important it is to keep our minds active throughout life. Our pets need to be energetic all the time; otherwise, they become lazy and distorted. They can lose their memory and idle nature when they age.  

So, keep them busy with some tasks, playing games, and training some new tricks every few other days. Regular exercise and socialization is the best way to keep their mind busy and active. Expose them to the latest scenery and places to keep them interested in learning more. 

Socialization is considerably helpful for those dogs who stay inside all day. Take them out and expose them to new people, making them fearless and friendly around the people. Keep them socialized, especially when they are small. 

They will get the chance to interact with other neighborhood dogs and play with them. It is important to refresh their interest to avoid any boredom. A happy pet is the healthiest pet you have ever had. 

9. Routine Visit to Your Vet

Even though your pet seems fit, you must consider visiting your vet for a regular check-up. An older pet is more prone to acquire health problems. Disorders like diabetes, cancer, kidney disorders, or allergic issues may not have visible symptoms. 

You must be concerned for their health on time, so frequent check-ups are must at least once or twice a year. Some prominent symptoms like lethargy, rashes, lumps, increased drooling, loss of appetite, or increased or decreased urination are the signs of some serious illnesses. 

However, do not exceed with the vaccination as well. In young animals, large amounts of vaccination can produce some side effects, ranging from mild fever to autoimmune problems, allergies, dermatitis, thyroid, kidney, and even liver disorders. 

The risk can be vulnerable as the dog gets older and immunocompromised. So it is vital to take the vaccination course seriously and consult a trusted professional vet for the wellness of your beloved companion. 

10. Spend Quality Time With Your Dogs

Setting up a strong, affectionate bond with your dog is crucial. Spending some time with your dogs can instantly lift your mood. Dogs need love and affection from their owners that make their bond emotionally and mentally strong.

Small interactions such as petting, cuddles, brushing their fur, belly rubs, and playing are great ways to portray your love and affection towards them. It helps to promote positive and emotional interactions with each other. 

It is true that if you have a dog, you do not need anyone around you. Dogs are more trustworthy companions than human companions. So give them enough time to eliminate each other’s boredom.