People love having dogs as pets. A dog can be your loyal buddy as they will never ever leave your side. Dogs have a lot of different breeds but when it comes to choosing a dog as a pet, most people want the healthiest one. It’s quite difficult to say which one is the healthiest. But we choose our list on the basis of their genetic features, bone strength, skin, and coat features, and their ability to survive in certain unfavorable environments.
In this article, we’ll be sharing the top 10 healthiest dog breeds that you can surely consider but before we start the article, it is very important to add a little disclaimer on the health of a dog depends on several factors for instance the food exercise routine and care level, etc. the breeds we will be sharing in this article are quite hardy and healthy, this alone cannot guarantee their health you have to be very careful and look after your dog properly.

Australian Cattle Dogs

One of the healthiest dog breeds that you’ll come across the Australian cattle dogs as indicated by the name, these dogs have been used to protect and look after cattle by farmers for years the major characteristics of these dogs include intelligence, problem-solving skills, and activeness. If cared for properly these dogs will easily live up to 10- 13 years. These are hardy dogs that rarely ever get sick and remain energetic even when they have grown old.

   Brief overview

Height 18 to 20 inches
Weight 35 to 50 pounds
Coat and color Smooth double coat; red and grey
Life span 10-13 years


They are usually the top choice for people when they are going fox hunting. These dogs are a combination of both good looks as well as great health. They also have a life span of 11 to 13 years and are quite active. They do demand regular exercises to ensure optimal health but they are not very demanding in terms of grooming and coat brushing. This low-maintenance dog will be your companion for years to come. If you care for it and look after it well.

  Brief overview

Height 28-30 inches
Weight 65 to 70 pounds
Coat and color Short, smooth coat; comes in a variety of colors
Life span 11-13 years

German Shorthaired Pointer

With an average lifespan ranging from 12-14 years, the German shorthaired pointer is another popular dog breed that is quite intelligent and active. They possess a risk of contracting health issues like hyperthyroidism and gastric torsion but if the owners are careful and keep an eye on their dog’s condition. They can easily ensure that the dogs remain healthy.

  Brief overview

Height 23-25 inches
Weight 55-70 pounds
Coat and color Solid liver, liver, or white in various distinct patterns
Life span 12-14 years


Border Collie

They have a life span of nearly 10-14 years. They are not only the healthiest dog breeds but are surely one of the most intelligent ones too. They are highly trainable so they can be taught tricks with ease. They are quite active so the owners do have to ensure that the dog is exercised well so that it can remain comfortable but other than this these dogs are not demanding and easy to care for.

  Brief overview

Height 19-22 inches
Weight 30-55 pounds
Coat and color Smooth or rough coat; black and white, sable, and many more
Life span 10-14 years


Mixed breed

Any mixed breed dog no matter which two breeds have been crossed is at a lower risk of falling prey to serious health issues. These dogs have an altered genetic makeup that makes them stronger and they can easily battle the risk of diseases. Moreover, the careful selection of dogs to breeds also lowers the risk of these dogs developing genetic-based diseases and health issues.

 Brief overview

Height 3 to 7 inches
Weight up to 6 pounds
Coat and color Both short and long-haired and comes in various color combinations
Life span 8-15 years



When you first lay your eyes on this small dog you’ll never assume that this dog would be hardy and healthy. Research shows that Chihuahua dogs can easily live up to 14-18 years if they are fed, exercised, and looked after carefully. The short-haired chihuahuas are not only healthy but are easy to care for as well. They have a minimal coat that does not require a lot of grooming, brushing, and upkeep making these dogs very easy to look after.

 Brief overview

Height 5 to 8 inches
Weight up to 6 pounds
Coat and color Both short and long-haired and comes in various color combinations
Life span 14-18 years



Havanese is also a small-sized dog breed that is cute as well as healthy. These dogs can live with you for 12-14 years if you look after them well. These friendly dogs require daily exercises, therefore the owners have to be careful and appoint some time for them each day and take them on short walks so they don’t get exhausted either.

  Brief overview

Height 8.5 to 11.5 inches
Weight 7-13 pounds
Coat and color Long, silky coat; comes in a variety of colors
Life span 12-14 years


Australian Shepherd

They are all rounder dogs and are easy to care for. They don’t require a lot of grooming and the owners pay attention to their overall health and take them for regular vet visits and walks; these dogs will live up to 12 to 15 years. These dogs can easily fall prey to ticks and fleas. So the dog owners do need to examine their coats regularly and ensure measures to prevent the dog from becoming hosts to these unwanted guests.

  Brief overview

Height 20-23 inches
Weight 55-70 pounds
Coat and color Blue merle, solid black, and solid red
Life span 12-15 years


Siberian Husky

Siberian husky is undoubtedly one of the hardiest and toughest dogs around. They are habitual of living in very cold areas which makes them stronger and healthier. They can live up to 11-13 years and can be a working dog as well as a loving pet. Make sure that your Siberian husky gets a lot of outdoor activity and is fed properly. This will ensure that you can enjoy the company of this loving pet for years to come.

  Brief overview

Height 21-23 inches
Weight 45-60 pounds
Coat and color Double coat; comes in various colors and patterns
Life span 11-13 years



Like many of these other healthiest dog breeds, Basenji dogs are used as hunting dogs but also serve as wonderful family dogs. Believe it or not, these pups don’t bark but they do share their thoughts and feelings with the sound described by many as a yodel. These sweet African sight-hounds are long-lived and have few health conditions for you to worry about. Fanconi syndrome and anemia are the main concerns.

  Brief overview

Height 17 inches
Weight 24 pounds
Coat and color Short, smooth; comes in brown, white, and fawn
Life span 13-14 years