There is nothing we love so far more than taking out my tent to go camping. Having spent years camping with my dogs at home. We found it harder to pack leashes and dog food for your canine. Your furry friend loves outdoor living so much as you do, if not perhaps more. They are always ready for hikes and are always on the lookout for an adventure.

The dogs seem to like the perfect companions for a camping trip; when we mention them. Your dog needs many different things to consider when planning his trip. This list of dog camping gear will help you get your dog ready for a camping trip!

Camping Gear For Dogs: Hiking Packs

Travel with dogs is always fun but travel with dogs requires additional equipment. Instead of using extra luggage for the camping trip, you should have an animal-friendly bag for your dog to wear.

The lightweight dog backpack fits tight and allows the dogs to have food, water, the freedom to carry poop bags and gear.

The best dog camping bags are comfortable, durable, and stable; when it comes to outdoor activities.

It is best to carry a separate dog camping gear bag for your hiking trip. Dog hiking packs come in variable sizes so that dog owners can buy them according to their preferences. 

Camping Gear For Dogs: Boots

Dog paws can suffer a lot during harsh environments like walking on snow, hot stones, water, rock salt, mud, etc. All these can leave their paws dry and cracked pads.

Hence, dog boots are considered the best dog camping gear to keep their feet safe on hard surfaces.

We must keep them protected with dog hiking boots on extra cold surfaces and abrasion from snow or dirt. It is ideally best to take extra care of your dog when hiking or exploring the outdoors.

It can be tough to pick the right dog footwear as your dog is not always ready to meet its needs. Our field testing has helped you find the perfect boots.

Most pet alliance companies deliver a set of two pairs of shoes for furry friends with differing front and back paws sizes. They fit perfectly well and do not hurt their feet at all.

Sleeping Bags For Camping Trip

Camping requires sleeping and insulating mattresses. It would be great to get it for your pet. Your dog also owns its bed and knows where to find it at home.

A dog must also have its dog bed or sleeping bag to keep him safe. To keep your dog warm and sleep well, you must invest in a dog sleeping bag.

Your furry friend loves to stay outside and experience the adventure to the fullest but, they can get cold when there is extreme cold.

Sleeping helps ensure the optimal health of all our furry companions. Even behavioral tendencies occur by lack of sleep.

We are responsible for ensuring that your pets enjoy the best possible bedtime. In almost every campsite situation, you need some insulation to be warm during the night.

However, the way you do things depends on many variables. Do not be tempted to get the sleeping bag at a low price. Not all expensive dogs are good choices for puppies because their sleeping habits vary among breeds.

You must expect these features in the best sleeping bag for your pooch:
  • Water Resistant or Waterproof
  • Weather Resistant
  • Provide Warmth and Retain Heat
  • Size and Weight
  • Sturdy Zipper

Collapsible Dog Bowls For Dog Food

Usually, the presence of your dog makes your holiday more enjoyable! Due to limited space, it can be a challenge to welcome every possible dog gear in your car.

A collapsible dog bowl is the best camping gear to fit in any bag and even in treat pouches. While your furry buddy might survive a little longer without their beloved blanket, they will always need access to water and food.

A portable collapsible dog bowl comes in handy during traveling. You should have one that folds down for dog bowls.

This dog bowl is an ideal companion for traveling and allows for easy feeding your dog when out of your home.

As with most owners of dogs, your dogs deserve the most from them. Collapsible dog bowls are the best option to carry on a trip.

These collapsible bowls are probably one of the best dog camping gear a dog lover can ever have. It collapses and can fit into the dog backpack.

You can save space for many other camping supplies. It is a double duty gear in which your dog can eat food and drink water, and you do not have to carry separate bowls for each purpose. Keep one in your car and one in a dog backpack to prevent thirsting while camping.

Camping Gear for Dogs: Leashes

There is nothing to give you an overwhelming feeling that you will feel like your dog is running off the ground and pulling away from its leash.

Most dog owners worry about breaking ties as they run into squirrels or dragging their pets around. Leashes are fragile.

I learned that awful lesson recently when my dog tore the leash and ran away. I end up spending my camping time finding my dog. It could be with anybody so, it is best to choose a high-quality strong leash.

Hands-Free Dog Leash

You must look for safe hands free leashes if your puppy is always trying to escape. The safety of the dog leash depends on many aspects: the material, clasp mechanism, and shock absorber.

That may not be obvious, but the leash material is needed to provide strength.

The clasp mechanism is constructed of solid metal, holding your pet securely without falling out of place.

Unlike hands free dog leash, your dog is free to walk around, and you do not need to hold their leash on hand.

Suitable for long walks or running outdoors with dogs. Always grab handle of the leash tightly to avoid them escaping.

Rope Leashes

When talking about rope leashes, you can first imagine something you would use on a farm animal.

However, cotton rope is also an ideal collar to fit your canine. Rope dog collars could be the perfect alternative for people concerned with potentially harmful impacts on their pooch from collars and chain checkers.

The best choice while selecting a retractable leash is to protect your pet from harm out of the house. You have to keep them safe no matter what.

Thankfully rope dog leashes have a few good options that help protect your dog while offering optimum freedom to play around.

It is a durable choice for dogs having chewing habits that will last them longer than most.

While camping or hiking, you can not just hold your pooch in a specific place. As new places always excite the dogs, they love exploring around.

And camping trips are a great way to spend quality time with your canine companion and have fun with them.

You can use a long cable to tie between the two trees and a long rope leash; hooked in between the long rope. These rope leashes are a great outdoors accessory loop for clamping your furry buddy.

If you manage to go out camping or hiking, consider these camping supplies to make the trip of your canine buddy happier and more adventurous.

First Aid Kit For Dog Camping

Most of our dogs enjoy hiking. During a backcountry hike, you are far away from any vet services for your pets. And, it is your job to take care of any injuries or emergencies.

If you are ready for camping with your furry companion, it is wiser to pack a dog first aid kit for any possible emergency.

Despite the availability of first aid kits, this may be a possibility for your supplies to get expired. There are never enough chances of a situation happening during an emergency, so you need to prepare a first aid kit accordingly.

It is essential to prepare yourself for the trouble. Your canine will probably need these treatments for any cuts, injuries, and lessons. Consider adding pressure tape or bandages to your first aid kit.

Furthermore, incorporate an antihistamine subsequent after getting recommendations from your vet about the appropriate usage.

Make sure to keep everything necessary in your first aid kit; you may know how to use them. As much as we have a first aid kit to help our pets, it should be functional for them.

A dog first aid kit must contain-
  • Bandages
  • Non-adhesive Absorbent Dressings (5cm x 5cm) to Wrap Open Wounds
  • Surgical Sticky Tape
  • A Roll of Cotton Wool
  • Blunt-ended Scissors
  • A Towel

Treat Pouch For Dog Food

There are many different types of treat pouch styles. Although, the majority of dog treat pouches have easy-to-use main compartments and easy attachment mechanisms, which typically consist of strong, wearable machine washable materials.

Several have a variety of pockets or bags. Treating your four-leg companion will be easier with the best camping bags available.

Dog treats are essential for dog training and healthy behavior during camping.

However, a pet who has eaten treats on a trip may find the dog treats challenging and not so messy, particularly if both enjoy long hikes. Fortunately, a handy pouch with treats; you may carry anywhere and make this process easier.

The treat pouch must have-
  • Easy-access Sections.
  • Large Compartment for Toys & Treats.
  • Zip Pockets and Sturdy Stitching.

Camping Gear For Dogs: Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

When we clean out the mess of our companion, do we help our environment too? Unfortunately, something smells awful for poop bags.

If a product explains the benefits of biodegradability, it may end up rotting out of the garbage can.

Many campgrounds have a set of rules for dog-owning campers, and cleaning your dog’s waste is one of them.

We must always follow the leave-no-trace trail etiquettes when hiking with pets. And, the most important thing about leaving no trace is catching your puppy. It is hard to walk through the wood trails; piled high with dog litter.

You must carry biodegradable poop bags to vanish the waste of your dog. As a dog lover, you must be responsible for cleaning out your dog’s poop around the campsite.

The dog poop bag must be-
  • Leaking or Tearing Resistant
  • Firm Stitching
  • Stash Pockets

Harness For Camping Trip

The dog has its personality and temperament; makes it advisable to know the right gear. A dog harness is the best dog camping gear when hiking in remote places or walking in unfamiliar territory where they could pull hard to escape.

Do not get too warm on the dog collar to make the harness comfortable. Choose the most suitable pet harness that fits well and is excellent for ID tags with contact information. A dog’s collar can irritate the throat, and they do not help with excitement for canines.

We may not understand what makes that grass so attractive, but dogs may smell it when pulling on the leash and choking. Hold the leash tightly for added safety and security of your curious canine friend.

The harness must be-
  • Soft and Lightweight
  • Snug but not Tight for Dogs

Camping Gear For Dogs: LED Light Collar

While planning a camping trip, consider packing an light collar. Our canine companions are our biggest concern while traveling, camping, hiking, or simply for late-night walks with an adventurous buddy.

As a dog owner, you must be concerned about where your dogs are. These LED light dog collars make it easier to monitor the activity of their canines even at night. The dog collar is the best camping gear, great for running, walking, hiking, and camping.

Light dog collar must have-
  • Steady Glow or Flashing Light
  • Reflective Trim
  • Perfectly Fit on the Neck
  • Super Adjustable

Camping Gear For Dogs: Dog Sunscreen

Dogs are also more susceptible to sunburns and skin cancer. Whether cloudy days or even the brightest days, our canines need sunscreen.

Make sure to keep them safe when you go outdoors on a Sunday. The most widely used sunscreen in humans contains some toxic ingredients that can cause some illnesses and affect your dog’s eyes if accidentally sprayed in the eyes.

Although we all know dogs love to lick. So, we must buy sunscreen that is pet specific and does not harm them.

Sun protection is just as crucial for dogs as they are for humans. Just like human skin needs sunscreen for protection against ultraviolet rays. In that term, sunscreen is appropriate gear for camping.

You must consider these points before buying sunscreen for them-
  • Effortless Spray Application. Spray sunscreens are easy to apply, even on tough-to-reach areas.
  • Non-Greasy Formula
  • Waterproof and Lick Proof
  • Blocks both UVA + UVB

Camping Gear For Dogs: Dog Life Jacket

Indeed, our furry friends suffer from extreme weather like us, whether it is cold or hot summer days. Hence, dogs like running towards the nearest water supply and are the best camping gear to bring on the trip.

The lake and the waterways are fair game. When it is chilly, people like to splash in that water — and that is why we must buy some life jackets.

Our summer activities are mostly around water spots. Popular activities include swimming to the lake, beaches or stepping into the open ocean on kayaks or by boat.

Even if we are not a sporty family, we often plan a camping trip in rivers and lakes.

If you are a dog lover that enjoys the outdoors, taking a life jacket to the campsite adds safety to your pup.

Even the most enthusiastic swimmers will find themselves tired, falling out of boats, and enduring unexpected rapid and strong currents. Your puppy can handle such circumstances very well by wearing life jackets.

The life-jackets must contain the following features-
  • Rip-free Fabric
  • Small Clip
  • High-visibility Colors
  • Adjustable Quick-release Buckles
  • Sturdy Padded Handle

Camping Gear For Dogs: Dog Beds

Bringing your dogs to the campfire can be the best way of bonding while also providing a necessary escape.

Just as we prefer sleeping bags and foldable beds for your furry buddy, we certainly prefer cots. The folding beds are great outdoors sleeping gear for your little furry friend.

Regardless, both your furry friend and yourself should enjoy creature comfort during a camping adventure so, consider where your buddy can sleep while traveling and choose one.

The dog bed has a soft and spacious varying width that suits the comfort.
If you opt for a foldable bed, it must be sturdy enough to carry the body weight of your furry friend. Buy a bed while keeping the size and weight of your canine in mind.

You can consider these important aspects before buying a dog bed-
  • Resistant to Dirt and Oil
  • Water Resistant Liners
  • Easily Pack
  • Washable and Removable Bed Covers
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • Made With Hypoallergenic Materials

Camping Gear For Dogs: Water Bottle

If you seek to take your pup out for the outdoor adventure – hike or camp, there are many options to keep them hydrated while traveling.

Dehydration is often found in dogs because of the lack of drinking water by panting when on the move so you can be sure you have enough water.

Carry cold water while on an adventure trip to inhibit dehydration. You can not risk the life of your pup drinking forest water or the water available near the camping area.

And make sure never to let your pup drink from lakes or rivers because that could be infectious for your pup.

The features that you must consider while purchasing this gear are-
  • Key Lock Leak Proof
  • One-hand Operation
  • Compact Size
  • Reasonable Capacity
  • Easy Cleaning

Camping Gear For Dogs: Dog Goggles

We protect our eyes from these harsh UV rays by wearing sunglasses. But do you know our furry friends do need sun protection to protect their eyes? Yes, they also need protection. Hence, you must invest in dog goggles, and trust us; your buddy loves to wear sunglasses.

He would not enjoy long walks. He quickly gets overheated or exhausted in harsh sun rays. The difficulty in convincing him to stay on the move when the temperature becomes too high is unacceptable.

The goggles have various functions beyond simply protecting the canine from sun rays. You must bring UV goggles or rex specs to your dog gear kit when traveling with your dog on adventures.

  • Best Fit for Dogs
  • Shatter-resistant lenses
  • Provide 100% UV protection
  • Anti-fog Coating